Important Google SEO Trends For The Year 2018

Positioning a website on Google may seem simple. However, there are many factors that influence when gaining a place among the first results of the search engine. These are some of the changes that will mark the future of SEO:

Choose your keywords well

Keyword research (or keyword research) is a fundamental step in any strategy. This is not a novelty in Google SEO 2018, but it is still one of the phases to which we must pay more attention. Before starting to create content for your website, you should study in depth what kind of terms are the most sought after by your audience and what words interest you the most when it comes to positioning your business. There are tools, mostly paid, that can help you reach these conclusions, but the idea is to go to an SEO professional who takes care of this phase for you. Once the investigation is done, you will have two groups of keywords:

Investigate your competition

When we talk about SEO, not only do you have to take into account what users are looking for. Investigate in the search engine itself, search SERPs and see what results Google returns. This way you will be able to know what your competition does, detect errors in its strategy and take advantage of them to strengthen your web positioning.

First of all, naturalness

When it comes to creating content to work on your SEO positioning, you should not be obsessed with Google’s recommendations. If you write only thinking about the search engines, they will detect it and penalize you for it. Prioritize naturalness, write with the user in mind and avoid black hat SEO practices that will only hurt your strategy.

One of the most common is the keyword stuffing (or excessive use of keywords within the content of a website to try to give more relevance). Google detests this over-optimization. There is no percentage that defines a perfect number of keywords, although it is often said that it is recommended that they do not exceed 3% of the total text. a page with useful, original and well-structured information will be more reliable for Google and will have priority over an insubstantial one that repeats a certain word a lot.

Semantic content: your new best friend
In line with the above, since Google launched its Hummingbird algorithm, the semantic content began to gain crucial importance within the recommendations of organic positioning. Writing for human beings and not for search engines is one of the main maxims of SEO, and here comes into play a very important concept: polysemy. Increasingly, Google is able to understand the semantic relationship between words, regardless of variations of gender, number or verbal conjugation. For that reason, it does not make sense to bet on different pages for keywords that have minimal differences between them. The ideal thing is to optimize each page around a series of words connected to each other at a semantic level, play with the synonyms and always put yourself in the place of the users.

Rich snippets to make you see
The literal translation of snippet is a fragment. If we talk about SEO, the snippet is the extract of our website that Google shows in the search results. It is composed of a title, a description, and a URL. If this is attractive, descriptive and also draws the user’s attention, your CTR (or the user clicks rate to your website) will improve very significantly. Rich snippets (or rich snippets) are a very useful resource to achieve this visual impact. They are achieved

Google began to give value to this type of format in 2013 and its importance has not stopped growing until today, so it could not be missing from our list of SEO trends in 2018. There are many types of snippets: events, people, products, recipes, videos, lists … The most innovative is what is known as Rank # 0, a format that appears above the organic results. Another example is the Knowledge Graph, like the one in the previous image, which usually appears when looking for an artist, a music group, a film … There are several ways to implement them and most require a minimum knowledge of programming and web development, but the effort It will be worth it.

The importance of loading speed

The loading speed or WPO of a website is vital for SEO positioning. As of June of this year, Google will give top priority to websites whose mobile loading speed is excellent. If this is greater than 2-3 seconds, users will leave the page before viewing the content and Google will penalize you. There are many factors that influence this parameter: the images, the theme of the web, hosting, the code itself … This 2018 will be more important than ever to have them all under control.

Voice searches: the future of SEO

There is no doubt that talking is much more convenient than writing, especially if you are browsing on a tablet or smartphone. With the proliferation of personal assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant or Amazon Echo, voice searches are gaining increasing relevance and consolidating as one of the main SEO trends in 2018, so it is important to keep them in mind so as not to be left behind. What is known as “searches by the question” is one of the keys that you must take into account when positioning yourself. If in the text the users would look for “better digital agencies “, now the formula varies to “What are the best digital agencies?”. In this sense, long tail and local SEO strategies will be your best allies.

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