Importance of Using the Right Type of Wire Mesh Fencing

If you own a lifestyle block, a larger farm or even a quarter acre section in town, there are several reasons why you may be interested in investing in a CLEARVU FENCE. A fence is usually there to keep your pets or other animals in but it can also be a good investment to keep pests and vermin out. No matter the reason you need a fence, it makes good sense to check out the different types of fencing available today.

Welded products are increasingly being used for a variety of fencing applications due to their ideal aperture, sizes and black PVC finish. These products are perfect for rural acreage and the general fencing of your property. Take, for instance, free range chicken farming. This would usually be a customer specific order for a two metre wide product. Bear in mind, this fencing is to keep the chickens in and the animals who might want to harm them out.

Staying with the premise of needing to keep your small animals and birds safe, you would be looking at a quality PVC product range which serves the purpose of providing great see-through visibility which would enable you to watch your prized animals and birds. Compare this to your standard galvanised or other coloured wires. The best thing about this black PVC coated fence is that it provides a much less abrasive finish to better protect bird feather, animal and reptile skins as well as keeping unwanted guests away from the enclosure residents.

Once you have sourced a really good wire mesh supplier you will discover that they will provide you with various forms and finishes of welded mesh products and should even be able to source special products – different wire diameters, aperture width size and widths and lengths. What you will be looking for is a long life and performance product that conforms to the Australian Standard AS 2423, so that upon inspection it meets with all the specifications.

Probably the most underrated area of wire mesh fencing is in the area of welded wire mesh for chicken wire fencing. As the wire diameters are more often than not thicker than traditional wire netting, they are stronger and more robust which means they can keep the chickens in as well as keep predators out. Whether you are on a farm or living in town, you would be well advised to check out a really good ANTI CUT FENCE supplier for your particular needs.

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