ImbueApp, the app to preserve memories launches Kickstarter campaign

ImbueApp is the newest mobile application that allows the user to save and share their precious memories for their loved ones and even for the future generations to come. The app has launched its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $20,000 and has received good response from the backers so far. It is a highly secure app that allows the user to save and organize stories about their special items such as a wall clock, heirloom, grandma’s recipe, antique jewelry, and more. They can add stories about the treasures they have collected over the years and share it for the generations to come in the family. The app enables the user to store their voice, the voice of their children, parents or grandparents and save it all at one place for accessing anytime and anywhere.

Unlike the other cloud-based platforms, ImbueApp is a dedicated ‘memory place’ for saving all the precious memories at one place. To save a memory, the user can simply take a photo of the item and record an audio or video for that, for instance, a special recipe told by a grandmother or a story about the antique wall clock in the house and more. After which they can upload the photo and video on the ImbueApp cloud and share it with friends and family in a few clicks.

ImbueApp is one of its kind app that enables the users to preserve their precious memories about the most cherished items and the loved ones. The memory stored by the grandmother can be later on seen by the great-grandchildren, the parents can preserve the voice of their child when they were 2 years old and more. This app saves all the treasured memories securely that can be and passed on from generation to generation.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign will help ImbueApp reach out to a large number of users. If the campaign raises $25,000, the owners will be able to complete the design and development. The users can find various perks available at the campaign and a chance to get the app at a discount ranging from 30-50% of the actual selling price. The Kickstarter backers will also receive the app earlier than the other users. The developers also invite feedback and suggestions from the users to improve the functionality of the app further.

The fundraising campaign offers various reward levels to the backers, more information about which can be found at the Kickstarter page and

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