Identity Theft by RFID Credit Card Pickpockets Exposed in TV Video

We live in the digital age and a very fast moving age it is turning out to be. So fast in fact, that many of the new technologies being employed around us are introduced without most of us having any idea that things have changed. Most of these new ideas make our lives simpler and easier to manage as the pace of life in general continue to speed up but the adage that what we don’t know, won’t hurt us is not always true. With some new technologies comes risk and the problems arise when our personal risk increases without our knowledge. If you know what the choices are you able to choose whether to increase your risk or address it. When you are unaware that your risk has increased you can be left vulnerable.

One such case of technology that has increased the risk to our personal financial security is RFID credit cards.

If you are reading about RFID for the first time then my point is already made.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and is a technology being widely used today for many different industries to tag and identify goods in transit and stores around the world. It is also used now in credit cards to allow you to make contactless payments without the need to swipe your card and enter a PIN number. This easy way to pay seems to fit the bill as described earlier of technology to make our lives simpler and easier but it also comes with a hidden risk.

RFID works through a microchip embedded in your card. The chip sends out a radio wave signal to a scanning device in the store that picks up the signal containing all your credit card details to enable it to make a payment. The problem arises when the signal is intercepted by unauthorised persons or virtual pickpockets who can scan and download your information without you ever knowing. They may simply do it while you stand to cross the street or by standing behind you at a checkout.

The following video exposé by a News Channel team shows how easily it can be done.

So now you have learnt about a new technology and the new risk that it imposes in your life you should ask yourself what you can do to protect yourself from this increase in risk?

Well, as mentioned in the video you can now buy wallets that contain embedded technology known as a Faraday Cage. The wallets may look and feel like any ordinary wallet but the Faraday Cage encircles your cards and stops any unwanted scanning device from being able to read the RFID signal they emit.

The RFID blocking wallet for men by Hugh B Hamilton looks and feels like a normal all leather designer wallet. And for all intense and purposes it is. That is except for one major difference. The Hugh B Hamilton wallet also contains hidden in its design a wire mesh configuration known as a Faraday Cage. The RFID blocking wallet for men is a stylish black all leather design wallet that holds six credit cards plus an additional slot for ID and sleeve for cash. The wallet is sold exclusively on Amazon USA and EBay AUS. For a limited period of time the wallet can be purchased at discount to its RRP, (recommended retail price).


Hugh B. Hamilton are a family firm of manufacturers and distributors of RFID blocking devices including the RFID blocking wallet for men, sold exclusively on Amazon (US) and eBay Australia.

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