Identification methods are very necessary for purchasing the human hair wigs

Among varies of wigs on the market, you could not find the real hair extension in high quality with easy viewing. Wigs materials could be mainly divided into many sorts include chemical fiber, high temperature wire, mixed hair, real human hair and so on. In that case, the famous human hair extensions online seller will let you know the main method about how to identify the human hair and synthetic hair.

First, people should carefully check the hair gloss. In general, the gloss of the chemical fiber is very bright but the real hair does no own such glossy. The following should be the hand feeling. The touching feeling of the real hair is very soft, fresh and elegant. The chemical fiber feels a little bit hard and the chemical hair will become badly after long period of using.

There is one kind of mixed hair which is usually combined by the human hair and synthetic silk. Normally people could not easily identify the proportion of this kind if wig. However, the editor from best hair extensions online seller will let you know the easiest way to distinguish it.

As we all know, the 100% real human hair will be burned into ash and smell taste is like the burning wool. However, the chemical fiber will stick together burn will stick together and it will also emit the pungent smell, like burning plastic smell. This is the most directly way for people to select the human hair wig.

If reader really want to purchase the hair wigs, we recommend you buy 100% human hair wigs as the real hair wig own high simulation and could also be permed and do any kinds of casual style. All of those convenient points could not be achieved by the chemical fiber wig. If you want to achieve the real good effect by using the human air wig, please select this from website


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