ICOweb Brings Wallstreet Level Analytics to Cryptocurrency Investors

As the cryptocurrency market matures and waves of serious investors come aboard, the demand for accurate and reliable data sources grows. Investors in long-established markets, like the stock or real estate market, have had access to reputable, third-party digital platforms and advanced portfolio management applications for decades. These tools have given traditional investors the ability to weigh risks and gain insight in a way cryptocurrency investors could not. This year, the cryptocurrency market is projected to hit $1 trillion dollar valuation. Cryptocurrency investing has never been more reputable or profitable. The cryptocurrency market is well beyond the days of its infancy, where only the most modern and fringe investors dared to venture. Today, all serious investors have cryptocurrency in their portfolio, and the industry has become widespread and mainstream. Because of this, companies are now developing platforms and applications of the same quality as those enjoyed by serious stock traders.

ICOweb could be considered the pack-leader of the new generation of these professional tools. Though sites and applications have popped up in the past offering ratings, tracking, and management of ICOs and crypto-funds, none have met the expectations and desires of seasoned investors. ICOweb is one of the most promising young platforms that can give users a professional edge and expand the cryptocurrency market beyond its rudimentary beginnings into an age of advancement.

Professional Tools

With ICOweb, investors and traders can enjoy some of the best information available with which to make intelligent decisions within the cryptocurrency market. Free of charge, ICOweb provides a full suite of tools and services for anyone to use Live coin prices, basic and advanced cryptocurrency charts, full portfolio management, and ICO ratings across a variety of categories are just a few of the rapidly growing site’s features.

The information provided is monitored and updated by a driven team of professionals. The ICO ratings are based on a long list of factors proven to establish the project’s legitimacy and profitability. ICOweb publishes real-time coin prices and exchange rates for over 1,500 cryptocurrencies along with the entire history of each coin from its inception to the present day.

Additionally, users have access to an advanced crypto mining calculator that estimates the hashing power, mining difficulty, and cost in kW/h across 7 different cryptocurrencies, and custom email notifications can be set up to alert users of price changes.

ICOweb lists hundreds of ICOs across 32 categories. Each listing shows basic and advance data like the ICO platform, hype- rating, social media, and google trend statistics on the site project. By heading to the Review section of the ICO, it will open a page with more extensive data like the company location, coin supply, caps, coin price, and funding distribution, along with a link to the whitepaper, detailed descriptions of the project and much more.

These listings are a solid home-base from which to gain information before making an investment. Other review sites do not actually take the time to compile all relevant information on a project or write original descriptions and news.

Rating Methods

Another thing that sets ICOweb apart from its competitors is the depth and consistency with which they investigate these ICOs for the official ICOweb rating. With each ICO, they scrutinize the team, the brand, the project transparency, company transparency.

Many factors can affect ICO’s rating or outright disqualify it from being listed on the site. Among these factors are the social media activity of the team, availability of Linkedln pages for staff, whitepaper quality, web traffic and creation date of the official website, the source code of the coin or token, the history of team members, the legal standing within the startup’s country, and even the platform’s security against hackers

By utilizing all of the data available for each project, clear ratings are issued, and users are able to clearly see the company’s intentions and goals and act accordingly to increase their chances of success. This system prevents investors from wasting time and money on weak projects and scams.

Final Words

The creation of platforms like ICOweb marks the dawn of a new age in crypto-investment. The days of pump-and-dump ICOs are gone. No more will cheaply-made cash-grabs be perpetrated on investors, nor will token plagiarists be able to profit off of the work of others. With third-parties like this, investors have no excuse to fall for the tricks of the past.

The new generation of ICO investors and crypto-enthusiasts will be better equipped to make decisions by using these modern investment tools to increase security and profits. The changes brought about this enlightenment will benefit the market as a whole by legitimizing cryptocurrency investing. More money will be spent wisely, rewarding hard-working teams instead of unoriginal scammers. More profits will be made by investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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