Icebreakt – New App Connects Developing Nations Even Without Internet

While many trending startups in Africa and the world are focusing on banking the unbanked, there aren’t many that focus on connecting the unconnected, especially in poor or developing countries.

In countries with poor network communication facilities, people can’t use phones to communicate with each other without network signals. Once they are out of range, it is difficult to make contact with them. Given critical situations when there is no signal like natural disasters or internet blackout by dictatorial regimes, you can’t send out emergency messages.

Moreover, there are 3.4 billions of people in the world without network communications access. Even in big cities and urban canyons, where networks exist, network congestion remains a serious, sometimes nearly overwhelming challenge, especially when service bottlenecks due to massive amounts of simultaneous users. Outdoor areas, aircraft, tunnels and other physical dimensions often lack network stability or have service blackouts, but communications still require information and data to be sent and received.

Icebreakt solves these problems by eliminating network congestion while providing higher network quality and transmission speeds at the same time. Even better, this does not mean because the internet does not exist in these places, that they cannot have technology to facilitate communications. As long as mobile phones are equipped with the app, they can connect to form Mesh networks. Even with no available network or internet service, communications are fully enabled for all people on the Mesh network.

Icebreakt’s mission is to connect 929 + millions of African people and the unconnected world in a social network that works with Mesh/P2P connectivities, and this even without internet.

Stanford graduated and skilled manager empassioned by AR and fintech, Icebreakt co-founder and CEO, Jean Claude Benga has a great vision for African communities and think that his social network could disrupt existing business models by putting  the informal sector back at the heart of the economic system, connect the world’s 3.9 billion unconnected people to the digital world and enable them to participate in the market.

The app will be released soon on Android Google Play and the App Store.

Learn more about Icebreakt : and stay tuned!

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