Hundreds of Crypto Influencers, Developers, and Holders Speak for Satoshi

What Would Satoshi Say? eBook speculates how Satoshi may respond to crypto challenges

June 5th, 2018 – Over the past two weeks, The Declaration of Currency Independence was launched, a popular Reddit post entitled, “What Have We Become?” was published, and a survey called, “What Would Satoshi Say?” received hundreds of responses from key players around the crypto space. Each of these pieces are urging the crypto community to reflect on its core values and intentions. The #WhatWouldSatoshiSay survey is being facilitated by the ECC crypto community in collaboration with the entire crypto space.

The survey asks participants to respond to current cryptocurrency debates as if they are the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. Responses from the survey will be turned into a first-of-its-kind, crowdsourced eBook to be released later this year.

And responses are accumulating from crypto founders and developers, such as Marco Robinson, founder of @NKDtechnology, and Erick Pinos, blockchain technologist and president of @MITBitcoinClub, as well as trusted cryptocurrency influencers, like @JonhaRichman, @Eljaboom, @Hydeez411, @gemcrypto, and @joeytrend, to name a few.

But why are crypto enthusiasts lining up to answer these questions, and why now? Marco Robinson, founder of @NKDtechnology, put it plainly:

“This is the first time in history we have control of our financial futures. For the first time our shackles have been unlocked and the banks have lost the key. We finally have the opportunity to create a revolutionary outcome that will benefit all. It is now our responsibility and duty to educate everyone!”

@gemcrypto from Team McAfee had the following to say about the survey:

“#WWSS opened my mind and really made me think about what potential we have before us with blockchain technology. It reiterated the important job we have to continue after being gifted with Satoshi’s technology.”

The responses so far are often thought provoking, and some are quite humorous. The survey is still open and closes at the end of June, but here are several examples of notable responses received thus far.

Q: Is governmental regulation of cryptocurrencies a good thing for the crypto space overall?

A (example): It’s becoming apparent some regulation may be necessary to deter fraud, unless we work together to correct this as a community first.” – #WWSS Survey Respondent

Other examples of answers to the question of governmental regulation include, “In due time more and more people will realize the irrelevance of this question,” and one respondent flipped the question by saying “Crypto communities will regulate governments.” This may be hard to imagine, but a concept known as liquid democracy is working on a blockchain solution to fix politics.

Another question asks Satoshi what altcoin characteristics crypto exchanges should look for when considering listing a crypto.

Q: What top characteristics should legitimate exchanges look for in altcoins?

A: The top three most voted for characteristics so far are: #1. Product quality; #2 Development activity; #3: Decentralization.


This next example question seeks to understand if blockchain truly is the solution to today’s corporate privacy breaches.

Q: Is blockchain the correct solution to the large privacy breaches by today’s centralized corporations?

A (example): “The answer is yes but we must be careful. If ‘trusted’ corporations use blockchain to mask misconduct, we will have problems.” – #WWSS Survey Respondent

Other examples of answers to the question of blockchain being a solution to privacy breaches include, “Not necessarily blockchain, but decentralization in general. Centralized data warehouses are security holes,” and, “It is the only solution.”

Questions on the survey not listed above include topics such as, “What would Satoshi say about ICOs?”, “What would Satoshi say about Charlie Lee selling his Litecoins?”, and a handful of other current and intriguing inquiries.

If one would like to chime in and give their own Satoshi-inspired opinions for the eBook, the, “What Would Satoshi Say,” survey will remain open through the end of June and can be accessed by clicking here. Top answers will receive crypto awards and be listed in the upcoming eBook.

The ECC community has also recently secured a data scientist to analyze the data and provide unique insights for the eBook.

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