HUGH GLASS — a tale of a brave American, by Bruce Bradley

History has always witnessed many great tales and legends. To read about such personalities, their heroic deeds and story of their lives, has always been among reader’s favorite genres all around the globe.  So if you are also among those who have always been fascinated with the lives and stories of the heroes of our history, winemaker and author Bruce Bradley has a perfect gift for you – “HUGH GLASS” – his new book released on Kindle on May 6th.

The book is based on true story of Hugh glass; an American fur trapper and frontiersman noted for his exploits in the American West during early 19th century.  Bruce stated that story of Hugh glass is one of the most incredible stories in American history but few people are familiar with it.

Story Glimpse:  In 1817, Hugh Glass gets forced into piracy, escapes two years later but Pawnee Indians capture him & adopt him into their tribe. A few years later he returns to the civilization and becomes a fur trapper & that’s where his journey to the history books starts. In august 1823, he and 10 other trappers are in a panic to reach Ft. Henry, on the Yellowstone River, as all the Indians in the area have declared war against the whites. Away from the other trappers, Glass is attacked by a grizzly. Certain that he will die, two men stay behind to bury him, but a few days later abandon him. Alone, crippled and defenseless, how will he manage to survive? Will he reach ft. Henry or be killed by the Indians or die in the dangerous wilderness? To find answers to all these questions, you’ll have to read the book.

Bruce started researching about the topic and writing the book in early 90s spending five years on the project. He learnt about the country in early 1800s, researched about the Pawnee Indians — their customs and languages, studied about pirate — Jean Laffite, took animal tracking classes and most importantly — Hugh Glass.

Bruce thought of writing it as fiction, as he believes that it is the best way to teach and learn history (as long as the facts are accurate). Though the book was originally published in 1999, but he is releasing it again through kindle for the readers.

Alongside winemaking, Bruce is a successful author of three books; “Hugh Glass”, “The Last Jaguar” & “The Seeds of Darkness”. To know more about Bruce you can visit his website:

It’s interesting to know that four years back, Ridley Scott found Hugh Glass as a possible movie project but somehow couldn’t materialize the idea. However, a movie titled “The Revenant” is being made on this subject now with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Hugh Glass. Exciting, isn’t it?

And this exciting tale of a hero of American history – Hugh Glass, is available for you on kindle. Just visit the link for the book and walk with Hugh Glass in his amazing & adventurous journey.


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