HP UX Hosting Company to Launch Website That Assists With Migration to The Cloud

HP UX Hosting, a Company Created With The Goal of Helping Enterprises With The Migration of Their in-house HP UX Systems to The Cloud is Now Launching The Site That Will Make This Process Bulletproof And Hassle-free.

Denver, Colorado – HP UX Hosting Company is a company that specializes in HP UX Hosting, data recovery, and data back-up. They also provide premium cloud-hosting services depending on what services their clients require. HP UX Hosting Company is a great option for any businesses that do not want the responsibility of managing their own infrastructure or are in need of migration assistance onto the cloud.

HP UX Hosting Company takes each client into individual consideration to come up with hassle-free migration plans to move from local installation to one of HPUX Hosting Company’s data centers.

About HPUX:

HP-UX (from “Hewlett Packard Unix”) is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s proprietary implementation of the Unix operating system. This was based on UNIX System V, which was initially System III, and initially was first released in 1984. HPUX runs on a specific processor, an operating system that requires a specific hardware to run.

Many companies that are still using this software are looking for a simple way to migrate to the cloud. And that’s where HP UX Hosting Company comes in. They offer their services to Fortune 500 companies for hardware and software storage in their data centers. With HP UX Hosting Company, these Fortune 500 companies can pass the responsibility of maintenance to their service providers and relax knowing their hardware and software is in good hands.

As HP UX is an aging technology that very few companies still support, HP UX Hosting Company can help companies still using HPUX to store hardware and software at their data centers, creating better security and safety.

Throughout their ten years of operation, HP UX Hosting Company has successfully cooperated with a number of Fortune 500 companies by helping them to streamline their internal operations and provide bespoke hosting services. HP UX Hosting Company believes that this systematic migration to the cloud will create higher levels of safety and security for various companies’ hardware and software needs

“Some of our customers choose to host with us for backup and for disaster recovery installation of their mission critical applications. Whatever their reasoning for working with us, our company offers a maintenance free process that helps our customers with setting up the backup process. We develop an automated backup that can be made to happen monthly, weekly, or even daily. That way, after the recovery process, our clients do not have to worry about any data loss.” – Martin Filip, CTO.

On top of their migration and hosting services, HP UX Hosting Company can create mirror-image environments that can be used for performance and stress testing. That way their original production systems are not affected in any way, but they can work towards better developing their hardware and software for increased functionality.

HP UX Hosting Company is made up of over 50 licensed and fully-qualified technicians that are experienced, dedicated, and always happy to offer 24/7 support for their customers. Their prices start at just $1300 per month. However, this quote can change based on individual customer needs as clients have the ability to choose between regular hosting and complete infrastructure management.

HP UX Hosting is the daughter company of Nicman Group, which was originally established as a web-development, software testing, and hosting management company and is now a leading provider in a range of services.

Nicman Group is a self-funded and privately-owned company that has been a provider of premium cloud services and technology consulting for more than 15 years. Nicman Group has been managing HPUX operating systems for over 10 years. Currently, they have three data centers in operation. These are located in Denver, Colorado, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Secaucus, New Jersey.

Nicman Group created HP UX Hosting Company for those companies looking for high-quality infrastructure management and hardware and software hosting. HP UX Hosting Company’s goal is to take this responsibility off of these businesses’ shoulders so they can worry about their company’s other needs instead. 

Get in touch with HPUX Hosting Company today to discuss your HP UX Hosting needs.

For more information on what HP UX Hosting Company has to offer, give them a call at 303-790-7172 or contact them at www.hpuxhosting.com/contact-us.

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