How Unibe Hospital in Costa Rica can Benefit USA members of Christian Healthcare Ministries

Clinica Unibe, or Unibe Hospital, is located in San Jose, Costa Rica — A convenient 45 minutes from the Juan Santamaria International Airport.
DentaRica, LLC, would like to clarify how USA members of CHM might be able to benefit from Unibe Hospital, located in not-so- distant Costa Rica. After an initial cost of travel expenses, which can include a round-trip airline ticket as low as $200 from Florida, healthcare costs at Unibe Hospital can potentially save the patient thousands of dollars, and provide better, more comprehensive healthcare on top of that.

Press release written by Richard Jordan, PR Coordinator at DentaRica, LLC

Clemmons, NC — NC Medical Travel located in Clemmons, NC was recently added to the national provider list of Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM). CHM members can access services to Clinica Unibe Hospital in Costa Rica, by contacting NC Medical Travel Staff by phone, online, or in person at their office.   The usual $150 patient services fee is waived to members of Christian Healthcare Ministries such that their cost sharing ministry members are  offered an affordable medical travel healthcare option in addition to choosing among medical providers here in the USA.

The chief benefit of travel to Clinica Unibe in Costa Rica is a USA patient will actually receive better care because they can afford more comprehensive care. There is no guarantee for medical situations, and certainly a broken leg, pregnancy, and such issues need to be handled locally, but for elective procedures — concerns that allow the patient the freedom to make appointments as needed — Costa Rica is ideal. With the affordable prices, a person can get more extensive treatments than might be affordable in the USA. Sometimes a few extra tests make a huge difference in the health of a person, but with specialist consultations and diagnostics being so expensive in the USA, many people do without. 

Additionally, with all the savings, a traveler can take advantage of extra needed medical care apart from their primary need. The old saying is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that is proven true time and again. To address healthcare concerns before they become an emergency is simply being smart.

CHM is not a health insurance company; instead, it operates as a health care cost sharing ministry that fills the need otherwise addressed by insurance companies. As such, lower healthcare costs for members greatly benefits the other members in the group. Any person considering Costa Rican healthcare, made accessible by DentaRica Travel, would have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping CHM to help their other members.

Unibe Hospital is a very modern hospital, comparable to a hospital in the USA or Europe. Costa Rican healthcare standards are rated even higher than the USA. And Unibe Hospital goes even further, actively seeking out international credentials, such as the AAAASF. 

Costa Rica is a very safe, modern country. It might be better compared to Europe than other Latin American countries. It is the most politically stable country in the region. They have no military. They have low crime, and use of English is widespread. Costa Rica is only a 2.5 hour flight from Florida, closer than many locations in the U.S. from there. Tickets can be as low at $200 round trip.

Costa Rica is a decidedly Catholic country, but is very welcoming to all faiths. Unibe Hospital itself, although not affiliated with the Catholic Church, is committed to “community spirit” and social outreach. They are active in their belief that a nurtured soul is part of the healing process. Their mission statement can be found online, here:

How does a US resident get to Costa Rica for treatment? Getting to Unibe Hosptial is actually pretty easy using the services of DentaRica Travel, LLC (aka NC Medical Travel). One call or e-mail to their office in North Carolina, USA, and they will happily begin making arrangements.

CHM does not specifically endorse Unibe Hospital or Costa Rican healthcare, nor any other healthcare provider. Members don’t have to follow a health care provider list and can choose freely from thousands of providers, most located in the USA. Unibe is another option added for their members.

CHM is pleased to be an eligible option for individuals under the new national healthcare law in the US. For people who are seeking an alternative to mandated insurance for moral, ethical, or philosophical reasons, this is an excellent resource. While CHM understands its services are not right for everyone, its empowering ministry brings freedom of choice to the table.

About Unibe Hospital: 

Clinica Unibe is a hospital located in sunny Costa Rica, in the capital city, San Jose. Their facility has all the required Costa Rican Ministry of Health permits, plus they have had the AAAASF accreditation since 2010. Unibe Hospital was the first such facility in Costa Rica to receive the honor of AAAASF accreditation. Their website is

About DentaRica:

DentaRica (also known as NC Medical Travel) is a USA-based company with an open-to-the-public office in Clemmons, NC. They make medical travel convenient and much safer through various means, including finding trustworthy Costa Rican partners, performing background checks on these partners, setting up appointments, answering questions from USA residents, and when needed guiding their guests personally. Their website is

About Christian Healthcare Ministries:

Christian Healthcare Ministires (CHM) is an affordable faith-based solution for Christians to the problems of rising healthcare costs and expensive health insurance policies. As an eligible option for individuals under the national healthcare law, CHM is thousands of Christians united in sharing each other’s medical bills. In the past 20 years, members of this nonprofit ministry have shared more than $1 billion in healthcare costs. The ministry’s website is

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