How To Use Facebook To Promote CPA Offers

Facebook is one of the most popular traffic sources online and as a result, it is a fantastic place to earn a lot of money through promoting CPA offers. In this article we will look at one process and a few tips that will help you to earn at least $100 per day from Facebook. By visiting this site one can get important info on the IM product.

So, the first step is that you should read Facebook’s terms and conditions. Facebook is not very fond of affiliates and as a result, they have banned many verticals. Therefore, you should definitely make a note of the banned verticals and don’t bother creating campaigns in those since they will simply get removed. The site of has some helpful tips on the software.

The first method that we will look at includes a CPA offer, a Facebook account and an account on a freelancer site such as Freelancer dot com or Odesk etc. You will also need a CPA account such as one on OfferVault where you can check out different CPA offers. For this method, you will be looking at simple submit offers that are free to complete and have decent looking landing pages. You should look at offers that have the least amount of fields to fill out since more people will fill them out. Most of the time, these offers pay out approximately $1 – $2. Visiting the site of can give one a better understanding on the product.

The next step is where you create a Facebook fan page around that offer. However, make sure that it has an interesting name that will attract clicks and likes. Once you have your page and fill it out with related content, use your Freelancer account to post a job for a freelancer to get you 10,000 + likes. One may visit the to get some crucial info on the product.

Once you get over 10,000 likes, you will have to get your page verified by building a website and adding the fan page to it. Once verified, you can start posting links to your CPA offer on your page but be sure to mix in some non-promotional content in between. Then, you simply repeat this whole process with another Facebook page. So, there you have it, a quick and easy method to start making money on Facebook with CPA as soon as possible.

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