How to maintain portable power bank?

April 24, 2014 – China. Nowadays, along with the widespread of portable power banks, it’s great functions bring conveniences to our everyday lives. Well power bank maintenance can expand the lifespan of power banks, improve charging quality. There are some details need to be noted on everyday maintenance.

Firstly, please do not stop to use your mobile power. Finish a complete charging and discharge process after a certain period. It would be one month one time. First time, you can use it directly due to be charged about 50%. Do avoid full charge and discharge for daily use.

Secondly, if power bank stock too long,with power will be better. Make power bank 50% charged will be best. Stock fully power bank will decrease its service time; Stock power bank without power leads to over discharge. Both are not good for power bank.

Thirdly, please pay attention to the storage environment. Ambient temperature must be stable and do best to stock in room temperature. Avoid high temperature, away from heat source, over low temperature environment is not suitable neither; Connect to metal material are not allowed to avoid unnecessary short circuit. Stock at well ventilation and dry conditions, under lower humidity.

Finally, try to reduce mobile power mechanical vibration, collision avoidance, stampede, hammering or pierce the shell of built-in battery with a sharp object.

For more information about our power banks, please do visit our website Hope this chapter could be helpful to your daily maintenance for mobile power.

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