How to inspire the crazy creative creatures we love… Teenagers

07 May, 2015 – USA – Every teen wants to be in charge of their life, the boss of their future, the captain of their ship. However, most teens don’t know how to get there. Thus, when a teen expresses passion for change or a desire to impact the world, they are seen as “childish” or “naive,” when in reality they may be the next entrepreneur of change.  It would be a shame to let their idea float out to sea unguided, hoping to be rescued another day. 
How as adults can we create space for our children, teens, and future adults to be creative? A space where their voice is can be heard as an insightful idea, rather than a childish fantasy. How do we inspire our youth and allow ourselves to be inspired by them?
This issue of being heard and respected is well known by anyone who has the honor to work with these creative creatures. Their creativity needs to be encouraged, heard, and supported. But this doesn’t mean that every idea they have is going to be genius or change the world. This means that as adults and supporters we challenge their ideas, facilitate conversation, ask questions of how they would do it and why they think it will create the change they want to see. We can empower them to take action, to make a plan out of what may have, at first, seemed like a “silly” idea into to something real, something amazing! And by doing so allows for growth of this idea into a plan, and who knows, maybe even a project that can impact the life of others. 
As adults, we can challenge the teens in our life to put their creativity to work and change the world one step at a time. Each of us has the power to inspire someone to do something great. How will your support, your words, your encouragement impact a teen you care about?
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