How to Hire the Ideal Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

After a motorcycle accident, the rider is entitled to benefits according to the No-Fault law in Michigan. These benefits are the reimbursement that the victim receives to cover all medical expenses, lost wages and inability to perform regular duties. With the assistance of a motorcycle accident attorney in Michigan, the victim can recover the benefits in good time.

In fact, victims who are represented by attorneys receive more money in settlements than those who do it on their own. This is because lawyers are experienced, and are able to demand more. It is therefore important to hire a lawyer who is experienced.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers at Moss & Colella are capable of handling injury claims, have vast knowledge of injury law and are effective communicators with medical professionals and adjusters.

1. Be prompt in your search

After a motorcycle accident, start the search immediately after the accident or as soon as possible. This is because it is advisable to have an attorney by your side when you are speaking to the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are crafty in that they get you to say things that are used later on to deny your claim or downplay it. With the assistance of an attorney, you can avoid these mistakes.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys at Moss & Colella will take you through the basics that you need to do after an accident, such as taking pictures of the scene and having you checked by a medical professional.

2. Identify the jurisdiction

The law on injuries and accidents differs from state to state. Some states are at- Fault and others are No-Fault states. This means that they have a different approach to determining who pays for the damages from the accident. Michigan is a No-Fault state and finding an attorney who is familiar with the No-Fault laws will play a huge role during the settlement or if you go to court. For this reason, consider motorcycle accident lawyers from the jurisdiction of the accident.


There are diverse fields in law and you often find that lawyers specialize in specific fields. A criminal defense attorney may have a general bearing of the workings of injury law, but settling on a motorcycle accident lawyer will be a better choice. This is because injury law becomes more complex with every passing year. Having a general knowledge of it just does not cut it. The attorney needs to have deep knowledge in it in addition to experience in order to get a just settlement for the injury claim you file.

4. Narrow down

Once you have your jurisdiction down, go ahead to carry out an online search of motorcycle accident lawyers in the region. Once you have a list down, read up on their experience, professional conduct and their recognition. There are research services such as Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers that can be of assistance in identifying and evaluating them. You can also check their websites to get more information on them.

You can also look at what former clients of these lawyers had to say about them or the law firms you have identified. Client testimonials and attorney reviews will provide you with valuable information. However, if a lawyer has a negative review, it does not necessarily mean that they are bad at their job. It could be that a competitor generated the review. However, summing up the reviews should give you insight on what the previous clients felt about his or her services.

5. Consult with the attorneys

Once you have a comprehensive list down, plan to have a consultation with each attorney either on the phone or on a face-to-face meet up. These consultations are often without charges and you are not obligated to anything after the consultation.

During this consultation, ask about their costs and fees, though its common knowledge that injury lawyers will not charge you for legal services up front. They often charge a part of the amount that will be gotten from the settlement. In addition, the percentage will increase if you go to trial.

6. Settle on the attorney

After this rigorous search, you should now be able to narrow down on a single motorcycle accident lawyer or a law firm. If the attorney has vast experience, is talented and is knowledgeable and they are after your best interest, you should be able to hire them.

Once you have a motorcycle accident lawyer, you should focus on recovering from any injuries you may have sustained. Your attorney will get to prepare for the settlement by gathering relevant information.

If you or a loved one was in a motorcycle accident and you are looking to hire an attorney, our motorcycle accident lawyers at Moss & Colella will help you in getting the best settlement for you.  

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