How to Free iPhone 5 Modem Baseband Firmware 8.01.00 | AT&T

The best solution for AT&T Apple iPhone 5 with modem baseband firmware 8.01.00 on iOS 8.3 (8.2). Fast and reliable distant opening service.
The best solution for AT&T Apple iPhone 5 with modem baseband firmware 8.01.00 on iOS 8.3 (8.2). Fast and reliable distant opening service.

iPhone 5 Baseband 8.01.00 iOS 8.3 – 8.2 Opening Service

Yes, Apple launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014 but there are still a lot of users with the earlier iPhone 5 modem firmware 8.01.00 and if you have this model in your hands you might like to permanently open it.

A lot of users who are still locked to different networks, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Koodo, O2 and others, might be interested to free iPhone 5 iOS 8 using reliable service. Why is this company chosen among others? Below you will find details about the service and why you can trust it.

When you need to open baseband 8.01.00 you should choose only a reliable service because this baseband is old enough and everything must be done professionally and gently so that you have an opened modem 8.01.00 and a perfect iPhone 5 that connects to any mobile operator.

Free iPhone 5 Baseband 8.01.00 via Official Service

As it was mentioned above, baseband 8.01.00 opening must be done professionally. Having successfully opened over 100,000 iPhones, the company can do everything with close attention to the details. Your warranty will stay with you. You will be able to insert all SIM cards and get the signal from any network you choose after we open iPhone 5 8.01.00 for you. In other words, it is centered and delivered officially through your genuine carrier. Here is how it works in practice.

8.01.00 Opening Process Walkthrough

1. Visit our company’s website and choose the service to open AT&T iPhone 5 firmware 8.01.00 baseband.

2. Enter your IMEI number [this is the only legal way to become factory opened for a lifetime] along with your email.

3. Get order confirmation through email and confirmation with details how to connect to iTunes.

4. Open iTunes when your iPhone 5 opening process is confirmed for iOS 8.3, 8.2 and… YES! You are permanently free from the network!

Isn’t it simple to open iPhone? We’ll tell you it is very easy to do and since the service is provided distantly you can become opened while staying in your office, shopping with your friends and spending nice time in a family circle.

Unlike a lot of other third-party companies that are not certified and licensed to free iPhones in the USA and outside the country,our company is certified by famous American company GeoTrust Inc. and has SLL certificate. Besides, it is official and legally registered in the U.S. It is verified by PayPal service and works in partnership with a big number of mobile operators to offer best price, fast delivery and top quality service to customers who want to become SIM free.

If you want to open your device it is best to order the service from a trusted company with a positive history of previous orders. We guarantee money back if for different reasons the service can’t be completed. This is the legit way for permanent IMEI opening that has proved to work for thousands of users from all over the world.

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