How To Free Cancer With Natural Treatments and Alternative Treatments – A Secret To Cure Cancer Reviled By Dr. Kelley

How To Cure Cancer with natural treatments and avoid toxic Oncology Cure

Let’s begin with three facts regarding cancer you have most likely never heard earlier:

Cancer cells can be reverted into regular cells (more than 20 treatments which do this are described on this website),

Depending on the treatment that is chosen, 5-year survival rates (i.e. “cure rates”) for the exact kind of cancer can range from 3% to 90% (almost all patients use the 3% cure rate treatments because they don’t know about the 90% cure rate treatments),

Inexpensive, safe and light cancer treatments (with 90% cure rates) have been known for many years, but very, very few people know these remedies even exist,

If you read this entire home page you will know a lot about the cancer treatments with 90% cure rates and you will know why you don’t know about them!! And you will learn about some of the people who support the patients who use the 90% cure rate treatments.

Terminology Clarification: When we use a term like “3% cure rate” we are talking about the percent of cancer patients that live for 5 years after diagnosis. The reference to 5 years is the traditional of comparison. However, medical doctors frequently use a “six-month” cure rate statistic in order to make their treatments look far more effective than they really are. But we always use a 5-year cure rate statistic.

How is it possible to have a 90% cure rate? You use cancer treatments that do not damage healthy cells because they target cancer cells and either gently kill the cancer cells or revert them into normal cells. Thus they may be used in very high dosages plus in many cases several of these types of treatments can be combined together for synergy!!

However, the majority of folks does not know about the cancer treatments with 90% cure rates because the media doesn’t talk about them. The media is like an iceberg, they tell you the 10% of the truth that is highly profitable to them, but they blacklist the 90% of the truth that is not profitable enough for them.

   And when you trust your television

   What you get is what you got

   Cause when they own the information

   Oh, they can bend it all they want

   John Mayer: “Waiting on the World to Change”

The reason the media blacklists the reality about the 90% cure rate treatments is that the media is owned by multi-billionaires and the treatments that have 90% cure rates are not profitable enough to satisfy their lust for profits. People who trust the media, and who trust the multi-billionaires who own the pharmaceutical industry, have a 3% chance of surviving their cancer for 5 years!!

If you don’t believe me, study the data in the Australian and American traditional medicine “5-year survival” charts and see what the 5-year cure rate is for your type of cancer:

Clinical Oncology (2004, p.549-560):

Oncology Cure Rates

If you read the charts, the 5-year cure rate in America is 2.1%. In other words, in five years after diagnosis, 97.9% of the cancer patients treated with conventional cancer treatments, meaning those who trust the media and pharmaceutical industry, are dead.

So what are the cancer treatments with 90% cure rates that the media is hiding? I will give you one quick example.

The late Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist turned cancer researcher, treated over 33,000 cancer patients. Among those who went to him first, his 5-year cure rate was 90%.

Why hasn’t the media glorified Dr. Kelley? The reason is that Dr. Kelley used products that cannot be patented.

It is patents that create massive profits for the media and the pharmaceutic industry and the medical industry!! Because Dr. Kelley did not use patented medications, the media doesn’t talk about him and no one in the healthcare industry is using his safe, gentle and highly effective protocol (with one exception in New York – the clinic of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez).

So what did Dr. Kelley use? He applied treatments designed by God. God does not have a PhD, but God designed the DNA for every species of plant and animal on this planet, including human DNA. By comparison, many scientists, who have lots and lots of PhDs, have studied DNA since 1953 and they still don’t have a clue what 97% of human DNA is used for. Asking a scientist to design human DNA from scratch would be like asking a mouse to design a jet engine or like asking a horse to pass an advanced calculus exam.

God put His cancer treatments into Mother Nature free-of-charge for His children. In other words, Dr. Kelley used natural products from Mother Nature. They are frequently called “natural cancer treatments” or “alternative cancer treatments” because they don’t involve highly profitable patented drugs. This is where the 90% cure rate cancer treatments come from.

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