How To Choose A Taobao Agent

If you are thinking to best Taobao agent, then you must be really careful while choosing you agent. You might be having many issues with trusting, shipping and commissioning any agent for your purpose but eventually you have to choose one. Thus, you must make a sound decision to save you from uninvited problems. If you are new to this field, you must know the rules of the game.

Always make a list of the most preferred agents who are providing their services throughout the world. After making a list check the information about the agents and their terms and conditions too. Some items can be really expensive on How to Find Products on can be costly than most of the normal deliveries. Make an estimated cost of your purchase from all the agents including their commission fee and shipping charges. If possible, do check out actual price of the products at the original site to save you from any deceiving acts.

You can also directly get in contact with the different agents, if you find this tabular work a bit out of your league. Get their immediate replies and make up your mind about any decision. Always try to communicate in the language you are most comfortable with, as this will give you a chance to catch and to make fake promises easily.


You might like to be clear about the international shipping fees involved in this act. The fees relies on the weight of the product and piles up with each 500g of the product. You must estimate the total weight of the product when packed, as it might end up being way too expensive than you might have thought. Ask your agent about the weight and the accumulated amount of your product to be really clear about your deal. If you are having a good agent then they might also ask you about different procedures of delivering the product.

You can choose the delivering company, weight of the parcel and other admired advises for that purpose. Many of the agents give away lucrative offers on the fees of delivery of the product. You can get a discount up to sixty percent or more than that if you are really lucky or a regular customer.

Always judge the authenticity of the website regarding the agents where you can have many hints about the professionalism of the agent. Keep these aspects in mind to get a better deal while dealing in Chinese products.

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