How to better care your chiffon prom dress during daily life?

May 21, 2015 – America – If your chiffon cheap prom dresses are in beaded type, please remember that you should not hang it in the closet for long period of time or the soft loose chiffon will appear the terrible deformation.

Second, please be careful to not let your dress become wet. If the chiffon prom dress has occurred the situation of local wet, please simply soak and wash it totally. On the other hand, each girl should note to not shrink the prom dresses uk after water washing as the shrinkage will lead to the deformation.

Thirdly, after wearing the thick chiffon dresses, please put it flat in the closet and then it will not easily become deformed. On the other hand, the package for the chiffon fabric should be the ventilated cloth.

If the chiffon dress has such sleeves parts, people should not hesitate to use their hanger to hang it on the closet. The hanger must be in the plastic or cloth materials. People who want to spray perfume need to pay attention to prolong to long-distance so as not to avoid the perfume liquid attach on the dress.

If the dress has been stained with red wine or oil at the banquet, there are two tricks for people to clean it.

Method One:

Please first use paper towels to absorb it and then find soybean meal or flour to dry the water on the surface and then the stain will be naturally sucked away.

Method Two:

People could also use the soda water to effectively wipe the stain away.

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