How to be a Business Leader: Grammar Chic, Inc. Shares Tips for Successful Business Writing

Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., provides insight regarding the importance of proper grammar in the workplace and offers tips for professionals looking to improve their writing skills.

With the advent of digital communication, many professionals are erroneously led to believe that writing skills are less important in the workplace than ever before. While communication may have become faster and more convenient since the digital revolution, a recent article published by TIME explains several of the reasons why good grammar skills are more relevant than ever. Amanda E. Clark, president and editor-in-chief of Grammar Chic, Inc., agrees with the article. Here, she shares her expertise regarding the benefits of good grammar in the professional sphere and offers tips to individuals who are looking to improve their writing skills. Additionally, Clark explains the role of a professional writing company in the business world—and how it can help individuals boost their careers and polish their brands.

The article asserts: “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, manager or an employee aspiring to any of those positions, you need to know how to write effectively for business. Yes, that means paying attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation, along with good word choice and a consistent style.”

Clark, who has partnered with a diverse collection of professionals from a wide range of industries, confirms that proper grammar is an essential part of a successful career. She explains that poor grammar skills can not only create a muddled image for a brand, as they will not allow companies to communicate clearly, they can also limit the ability of a business to grow.

“Communication is key in any industry,” Clark asserts, “and written communication is more important than ever. Think about it: a company represents itself to the world through its marketing materials, such as press releases, Web copy, etc. These are all written materials, and poorly written promotional resources can create a negative image for a brand. But that’s only half of the story. If internal communication is unclear, employees aren’t going to know what is expected of them, executives aren’t going to be able to create and follow a targeted business plan, and ineffective operational policies and procedures are going to create chaos in the workplace.”

Clark goes on to provide a list of recommendations for professionals who are looking to enhance their grammar skills. She advises that these individuals search any grammar-related questions they may have on Google and keep a running log of the answers so that they can learn as they go. Additionally, she encourages them to read their writing out loud to ensure that it is easy to follow, straightforward and that it conveys the intended message.

“Learning grammar rules takes a lot of time,” Clark states. “The bottom line is that professionals don’t always have the time necessary to dedicate to this task. This is when I would recommend that they turn to a professional writing company, like Grammar Chic. We have helped clients in virtually every industry imaginable with their writing needs. From editing internal emails to creating Web content to drafting press releases—you name it.”

Clark continues by explaining that outsourcing written tasks is beneficial to professionals in numerous ways. First and foremost, they are able to trust that their written communication is polished without having to dedicate the time necessary to improving their personal writing skills. Additionally, passing written tasks off to the professionals allows business owners and their teams to focus their attention on more pressing tasks without forgoing these written responsibilities altogether. Finally, Clark points to the polished, high quality work that professionals provide as assets that business owners can call upon to boost their marketing campaigns, improve their online presence or simply update and enhance their brand image.

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