How this embarrassing chapter in US history still divides the people today — House of Milhausen will tell the tale

Slavery was an embarrassing chapter of US history. It did affect thousands of people then and it’s still creating divisions and confusions among the descendants of slaves and slave owners of that era regarding their identity, their roots & many such issues every day.

Author Andrea M. tries to bring this ironical situation into light with the help of the characters of her upcoming book – “House of Milhausen”, & for the same, she has started a blog that will contain short stories about the book, the characters involved in it & at the same time, an opportunity for the readers & audience to tune in to converse & think about this situation.

Created in March 2014, the blog presents short stories about the book. The readers get a chance to know about the characters involved in it and their stories. The blog is also an opportunity for the readers to express their views about what they think of this whole chapter of slavery. As stated, it is an effort to involve people in a conversation over the issues and to make them think about it.

She states that, as the book is still work in progress, her aim behind starting this blog is to involve people in conversation about this episode of slavery in American history. Through this blog, she wants people to see how issues of past involving slaves and their owners are affecting their descendants today. It’s a rare look on the situation of the people, who descend as a mix between the slaves & their owners in past. They now face situations sometimes which confuse them about their identity. That era still is plaguing the lives of people as they are still unsure about their real roots. It’s further creating divisions among them.

Through this blog, you can get introduced to these characters of her book, read short stories that will comprise it & start a conversation and share your views about the issue.

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