How technology can be used to change lives of hundreds of people

Technology has made our lives much easier and comfortable. To most of the problems these days, technology has the answer. From tip to toe, our lives have been improved by the technological innovations. But such technologies require money to sustain & develop further. A monetary support in the form of grants and promotion from the companies keep such innovative ideas motivated.

Paul Krzemuski, a California born entrepreneur and a technology lover, has come up with an initiative named “PeachPeel”, which aims at raising funds and promoting capital investments for technologies which can improve human lives to greater extent.

As per Paul, the idea behind “PeachPeel” is to assess & invest in technologies which can help in making lives easier and better for the people. “PeachPeel” includes a hedge fund and a think tank that will assess certain technologies which are worthy of a capital investment and thus will guide other companies for investing capital in such technologies and inventions.

As reported, his think tank will evaluate the worthiness of the technologies whether they deserve a capital investment and based upon that it’ll guide companies for making such investments.

The aim of this hedge fund is to raise capital to be invested in the technologies which are working for the betterment of the human beings. Such technologies include anything and everything that betters human life. They may range from a much improved type of batteries, which can cut cost for the consumers, to some innovative solution to deal with the rising water level issue due to global warming. All such ideas and technologies which can help in improving things for the man kind will be evaluated by the think tank. All such worthy technologies will then be promoted by the think tank for the capital investment.

The think tank, however, will need a continuous funding for long term needs and this will require a steady cash flow, Paul stated. For this, he is raising money through his hedge fund.

Paul says that he believes in the ideology of finding solution to every problem around us. Being an inventor & entrepreneur, he believes that technology has answers to many problems but faces challenges, primarily monetary, in order to launch it. Due to these challenges, many a times such innovative ideas are not able to materialize themselves. The understanding of this thing made him come up with the concept of “peachpeal”.

Paul is currently raising money for his hedge fund in order to support itself & the think tank for long term & to eliminate further fundraising activities.

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