How Heat Mapping Software Can Improve Your Page Conversions

An important piece of technology that was invented years ago was the ability to determine where people are actually looking on your website once they arrive. It’s hard to tell where someone is going to go on your website unless you have a heads up, something that these schematics can provide.Visiting the site of will give one a better understanding on the IM product.

This software will generally show you the areas where people start looking, where their eyes scroll across the page, and when they finally end up. Here are some tips on using the findings of heat mapping software and how you can start improving your overall business. By visiting the site of one may access some crucial info on IM product.

Where Do People Start Looking?

People start looking in the top left hand corner of a website almost every time. They will then scroll from the left, going to the middle, over to the right, back to the middle again, and come straight down, almost like a “T”. The reasons that they do this have to do with conditioning, or it could be part of human nature. Scrolling left to right is how we read modern texts, so that could be why this occurs. As a result of this you can take advantage of this habitual way of looking at different websites doing the following things. Its not a bad idea to visit site before making a final call.

Place Your Ads In The Top Left

You can place your ads in the top left. It’s easy to do if you have Adsense or a product with an image. You can test to see if your sales increase by placing it in the top left, the middle, or on the right, just to see if this is true. If you do this to all of your websites, once you notice that the trend is in your favor for following what he software has discovered, you can easily increase your income with existing websites and traffic using this simple strategy. This may offer some helpful tips on the product.

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