How Do You Benefit From Ceramic Knives?

What do you know about ceramic knives? Read this article and find out the reason why ceramic knives are so popular these days.

Compared with traditional metal knives, ceramic knives have the following advantages.

Good for Your Health

Because of the stable physical and chemical performance, ceramics don’t decompose or decay, and some ceramic pieces can be buried for even a thousand years. Therefore, ceramics don’t change the color or the taste of food, and ceramic knives are good for health.

A test can be taken between a metal knife and a ceramic knife to prove this theory: An apple turned black soon after being cut by a metal knife, however, the color of the apple cut by a ceramic knife changed quite slowly and insignificantly. Why? Because other than the oxidation of cells in the apple, there was a chemical reaction between tannin (an organic substance in apple flesh) and the iron in the blade of the metal knife, and a black substance called iron gall was then produced on the surface of the apple. The ceramic knife, on the other side, had no iron, no such chemical reaction, just normal oxidation.

Easy to Clean

No food particles can stay on such smooth surface like ceramics’, and that’s why it’s easier to wash a ceramic bowl than a metal one. Besides, ceramic knives are rust-proof, anti-oxidant, acid-proof and corrosion-resistant, so they are safe to use.

Sharp to Cut

Sharpness is the key element for knives. Ceramic knives whose Rockwell hardness are HRA90 are sharper than steel knives whose Rockwell hardness are HRA65. You don’t have to worry about bursting into tears when cutting onions or shallots with a ceramic knife, because its extremely sharp cutting edge allows onions to be cut without being squeezed or pressed and prevent the volatile oil in onions from going all over the place and irritating your eyes.

Impressive Durability

The wear-resistance of ceramic knives is 60 times of steel knives because of the high hardness. The blade of a steel knife may get rusty and dull after being used for a period of time, but a ceramic knife can keep its blade bright and sharp.


The melting point of ZrO2 is 2677 degrees Celsius, while that of steel is 1400 degrees Celsius, so ceramic knives can be more stable in high temperature.


The density of steel is 7.85, while that of ceramic is 6.0, so ceramic knives are obviously more portable and lightweight, and you’ll feel smooth and easy when using a ceramic knife.


The blade of a ceramic knife, which can be used as mirror surface, looks like white jade with its beautiful luster. Different colors are also available; moreover, names, company logos or other designs can be printed on the surface of the blade to make the knife cute and lovely. The hilt can be made of plastic, sanders, ebony, metal, and so on.


Ceramic knives, also known as “noble knives”, are widely used in developed countries and tend to replace metal knives. You’ll be seen as a cool guy if using ceramic knives.

Improvements in both knife and ceramic technology make ceramic knives play an increasingly important role in human life. Xiamen Globe Faith Inc., as your reliable partner, devotes to advanced ceramic knives which are easy to use and worth to have.

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