How Businesses are Growing Faster with a CMOx, a Part-Time CMO

May 1, 2018 – Chicago, Illinois – CMO Exponential is on a mission to capture the hearts and minds of qualified business owners into the new phenomenon of having part-time CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer). The aim is to have businesses across the United States and Canada with a $5 million+ revenue adapt the mindset of having a part-time CMO vs an executive who is a permanent employee of the company. A part-time CMO or fractional CMO as they are often times called, gives company holdings the benefit and insight of a CMO without tying up all the capital that is needed for implementation and growth of the company.

At CMO Exponential the part-time CMO role is referred to as a CMOx. Operating off the tagline of “Part-Time Investment, Full Time Results” CMO Exponential will be releasing a report on the 7 marketing KPIs all CEOs must know. With this report offering insight and understanding of the various marketing key performance indicators it will give companies a better understanding of why they should choose a CMOx vs. a permanent CMO. The report is extensive in nature as it provides the formulas for calculating the KPIs as well as to discuss why the metric is important, who should deliver the KPI and how it may be delivered. See the full report at

CMOx specialize in Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) sales and marketing. With a CMOx a company is able to have the high-level marketing and sales strategy of a full-time CMO without paying the full price With the analytics provided by the CMOx, companies will be able to implement the findings through impactful tactics. They create comprehensive marketing plans that take a step by step approach in combatting the issues. All of this compiled is way more affordable than having a permanent Marketing Executive.

Visit to see in details all that CMO Exponential has to offer. Schedule a call to discuss the best option for your business/company. CMO Exponential (or CMOx for short) is a US-based organization with a team scattered across the states. Their “CMOx’ers” are talented marketers and communicators who care about the businesses they work with. It’s not enough for a CMOx to just “be a marketer.”

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