Let DarkCoast continue the Halloween spook: Critics and horror fans request Canadian horror, ‘THE SUBLET’ to stream on Amazon Prime.

Los Angeles, CA – November 3, 2017 –

What wickedness we do in utero!” – Reel Reviews.

November’s leaves change color, falling to the ground in the cool air, as the days get shorter allowing the dark night to creep up. Winds of mystery and the paranormal seep through cracks windows, creating the ideal night of ghost stories, screams of terror, and strange creatures.

Despite haunted houses being de-constructed, recent reviewers and horror fans worldwide have been demanding award-winning director, John Ainsile’s (‘Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer’) female psychological horror, ‘THE SUBLET’ be released on an additional streaming platform.

Therefore, DarkCoast is enthused to release Black Fawn Films and Breakthrough Entertainment’s Canadian horror, “THE SUBLET” for free on Amazon Prime today, November 2nd.

‘THE SUBLET’ follows new family, Joanna, Jeff, and their baby son to the start of their new life in a sublet apartment for Jeff’s job.

But when they arrive in the eerie town with no landlord in sight, unease immediately seeps into Joanna’s flesh day by day as she’s left alone as the sole caretaker of her son inside the creepy the sublet apartment walls, until it fully takes over when she uncovers the past tenet, Margaret’s diary inside a locked room.

Joanna begins to question her sanity while reading Margaret’s diary… Two people at two different times, but in the same place, yet their almost identical lives within the haunted sublet of abusive husbands and ultimate terrors cause the apartment’s history to feed Joanna into the present, submerging her into a re-invention of the ‘70s classic Canadian genre of “canuxploitiation” as the shadows and grim grow bigger, sense of dread fills her mind, culminating in an astonishing ending full of endless chills.


Unlike most of Hollywood’s saturated horror films, ‘THE SUBLET’ is a new and exciting type of approach to a creepy, psychological film brought exclusively to the U.S. Joe from The Woolamaloo Gazette wrote, “director Ainslie wisely uses the more mundane, everyday elements of Joanna’s life as a new mother in a strange city to both heighten her feelings of isolation and dislocation and yet at the same time also make you second guess her state of mind”, and shedding light on the real-word side of ‘THE SUBLET’ of “Joanna trying to cope with her new life and baby and new home is something that is very easy to empathize with, and grounds the spookier aspects.” 

With award wins at the U.S. Phoenix Festival and Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival in 2016 for Best Cinematography (Gregg Biskup) and Best Actress (Tianna Nori), “THE SUBLET” creates a sense of terror and claustrophobia as viewers find themselves trapped inside the sublet apartment alongside Joanna. Described by Horror Galore’s recent October review, “director Ainslie has shown a unique ability to achieve results with a minimal amount of resources and stretch them as far as possible in order to maximize each dollar without compromising his vision or quality of the film.”

One of the many that have applauded Tianna Nori for her emotional, hectic and hallucinatory role as Helen, CineCelluloid stated, “She is very much believable in the role as a young caring mom, and on the other side with mixed persona including controlled violence and anger. Mark Matechuk as Geoff also delivered a good performance with emotions such as frustration, confusion, and denial.”

“THE SUBLET” additional cast includes Krista Madison (“The Dirties”, “Operation Avalanche”) as the ghost of the previous tenet, Margaret, and features Rachel Sellen (“Silent Hill: Revelation”). 

Watch “THE SUBLET” beginning today, November 2 for free on Amazon Prime!

Purchase “THE SUBLET” DVD at locations such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and various other locations. Watch “THE SUBLET” now on: Hoopia, Vubiquity, InDemand, iTunes, Google Play, Fandango, Microsoft, Sony Playstation, Amazon, Vimeo Direct, FlixFing, and Vudu. Watch “THE SUBLET” trailer here: https://vimeo.com/210856704. For more information, please visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4285960/.

THE SUBLET (2017, 82 min.) Produced and Directed by John Ainslie. Editor: Jordan Crute. Director of Photography: Greg Biskup. Original Music: Jeff Morrow. US, English. Black Fawn Films, Breakthrough Entertainment. TriCoast Entertainment.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: BLACK FAWN FILMS – Producers of “Let Her Out” last year’s break out Canadian success to be released later this year by DarkCoast Entertainment. This Canadian Production Company is known for successful offbeat scary movies.

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