Honourable Governor of Manipur, Ms. Najma. A. Heptulla re-released “Ethical truths of Windows”, a book on internet security, written by Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, CEO of Neodocto, USA.

Ms. Najma. A. Heptulla, Honourable Governor of the state of Manipur, re-releasing “Ethical truths of Windows”, a book on internet security, written by Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa, CEO of Neodocto, USA and sharing a light moment during the ceremony.
Neodocto’s CEO is a multi-talented individual serving humanity through many healthcare apps. During his travel in the state of Manipur, Honourable Governor happily re released his book to educate the people of Manipur about internet safety.

Manhattan, New York – 12th May, 2018 – Honourable Governor of Manipur, Ms. Najma. A. Heptulla full heartedly re- released a book written by Neodocto CEO and Global President Mr. Madhukar Sanneerappa named “Ethical truths of Windows” to educate people of Manipur on online security. Mr. Madhukar was invited by the governor recently during his travel in the northeastern states of India. He was travelling to spread awareness about Neodocto Malaria Eradication Program and thus to decrease the deaths caused by this dangerous parasitic disease. Mr. Madhukar gifted a complementary copy of the book, requested her to share those ideas with her loved ones and thanked her for this beautiful occasion.

More and more people are using internet for their day to day activities. Internet penetrance in India has increased drastically in the last couple of years. There are many reasons attributed for this which could either be due increased use of mobile and other hand-held devices or increased awareness of using many online platforms by its citizens. There are many websites people use to make their lives more efficient, easy and comfortable which could include booking flight tickets, movies tickets, concerts tickets, etc. They could book a table at their favorite restaurant or book a cricket match of their clubs.  Most of these platforms need a username and password to complete a transaction, which is very critical information and could be misused by third parties. So Educating people on Internet security is of prime importance in this current era.

Ms. Heptulla shared few of her tricky experiences online in the last year and full heartedly endorsed Mr. Madhukar’s book to the people of Manipur. She felt very privileged to release a book which is very vital to everyone who uses internet.  She also advised younger generation to be very safe on internet and told that they should not share their personal information with strangers.  She also encouraged Mr. Madhukar to find time to come up with the second followup version of the book, to enrich his readers. She urged users to update themselves on the recent developments on the internet. Taking on Neodocto’s Malaria Eradication Program, she told that it is great initiative and wished the very best for the entire team of Neodocto and congratulated them on their success.

Mr. Madhukar’s book “Ethical truths of Windows” gives some tips on how to be a safe online citizen and tries to educate its readers with few cool tricks to change settings on their desktop computer or personal computer. These tips could protect them  from accidental deletion of important data, which could most commonly happen with little children around.

About Neodocto:

Neodocto is a multinational healthcare based IT company with offices in 81 countries intending to serve 300 million users. It has devised many healthcare services to suite every individual, any time and at any place. They intended to make every ones life easy and comfortable through digital services.  Neodocto Foundation is a non profit organization founded to fulfil the corporate social responsibility of Neodocto Incorporation and has taken up eradication of malaria as its primary goal. Thus  its team have travelled 19 states in India to spread awareness through Neodocto Malaria Eradicatiom Program.

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