Homeowners Receive Free Initial Consultation and Site Evaluation for Manchester, NH, Radon Mitigation

Take advantage of Advanced Radon Mitigation’s offer of a consultation and site evaluation at no charge for radon mitigation in Manchester, NH.

Radium located inside soil or bedrock breaks down into naturally occurring radon gas, which is extremely hazardous to people and undetectable using senses due to no color, taste, or smell. Take advantage of Advanced Radon Mitigation’s offer of a consultation and site evaluation at no charge for radon mitigation in Manchester, NH.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services reports elevated radon levels are found all throughout New Hampshire, and the highest risk is in the southeastern, north, and east areas. Radon enters homes through foundation cracks and well water. Verifying radon gas is not present in living spaces or the water supply is vital to protecting the health of anyone residing in the house. Special testing from a qualified professional is the only method for detecting this toxic gas.

Advanced Radon Mitigation has more than 15 years of experience identifying and removing radon in local and nearby homes. Their teams received training and certification by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) and the Center of Environmental Research and Technology Institute for proficiency in radon services, as well as certification from Cook College at Rutgers University, in proficiency of waterborne radon. These credentials give homeowners confidence in this company to perform services accurately, and countless customers have, in fact, recommended them.    

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the second leading cause of lung cancer is radon and the number one cause for adult non-smokers. For those who do not smoke cigarettes and worry about personal and family health, radon testing is worthwhile. When radon is discovered inside homes or in the water, Advanced Radon Mitigation custom designs a system to remove this lethal gas.

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They serve homeowners in Manchester, Concord, Salem, Rochester, Laconia, Dover, Portsmouth, New London, New Hampshire, and surrounding areas.


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