HomeMine, the passive mining system using household electrical appliances will launch its ITO on 21st May

HomeMine is the revolutionary new passive mining device that can be connected to household electrical appliances to generate their native HomeMineCoin (HMC). The platform is all set to hold their token (HMT) pre-sale from 21st May 2018 to 27th May 2018 while the main ITO will begin on 28th, May 2018 and will last till 21st, June 2018. The investors can buy the HMT tokens through the ITO and exchange it for the device (1 HMT = 1 HMC = 1 device = $42) after the ITO is successfully completed. All the HomeMine devices are connected to the mining pool of the project in which HomeMineCoin is mined and the users will be able to sell the mined coins on a guaranteed basis to the project administration at a fixed rate of $42 per HMC.

HomeMine project will make home mining accessible to everyone around the world. It’s a universal device that can be easily integrated into any electrical appliance including air conditioner, refrigerator, hairdryer etc. Unlike the earlier home mining devices that used heavy equipment, a lot of electricity and required skills or programming knowledge, the HomeMine device is very easy to install and use without consuming much electricity. It can be used for passive mining in a domestic environment while doing the routine operations with household appliances. HomeMine device is bringing a cheap and simple solution for everyone to mine cryptocurrency at their home.

As compared to the classic mining devices, HomeMine system doesn’t require the user to constantly monitor the device, adjust settings and worry about cooling issues. All that the user needs to do is to plug in the device into the electrical outlet and the device will start mining passively while they perform their everyday household chores. In addition, the device doesn’t make any noise or takes much space and is free from any risks of fire, excessive heating and other issues associated with the traditional crypto mining devices.

HomeMine doesn’t claim to be a way of making huge profits but a way to reduce electricity costs because everytime the user plugs in an electrical appliance in the HomeMine outlet, the mining process is initiated. No extra money, time or effort is needed here but everyday appliances can be used with more cost efficiency. The user can simply earn by doing their routine activities and once the ITO is over, they can sell the generated HMC coins to the HomeMine platform.  Additionally, the HomeMine smartphone application allows the user to track all the information and activities of their device in real time.

More information about the HomeMine project can be found at homemine.io

In case of any queries, drop a message to george@homemine.io.

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