HomeCoverPlan’s smart home system offers alerts for fire, flood, gas leaks, and other hazards

Home automation and smart home systems have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. But the smart management system offered by HomeCoverPlan does not just tackle home automation and control – it also offers alerts for floods, fires, and gas leaks for complete home security and protection.

UNITED KINGDOM – 16th May, 2018 – Smart homes are slowly and steadily becoming a standard for UK residents, and there are many good reasons for this. For one, smart homes, with the use of smart gadgets and technology, allow homeowners to access and control their homes’ lighting, energy system, appliances, and security system even when they are thousands of miles away. This convenience is unrivalled, and lots of homeowners who are regularly out of their home have additional peace of mind. Properties are more secure, and home appliances and heating and lighting systems can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button.

But whilst there may be many suppliers and providers of home automation systems today, HomeCoverPlan goes one step further by offering a smart system which provides alerts for flooding, fire, and gas leakage, along with carbon monoxide leakage. HomeCoverPlan offers an array of smart monitors, smart security solutions, and smart sensors which are specially-designed to provide homeowners with all they need to keep their homes secure and well-managed and maintained.

When it comes to flood, fire, gas leak, and carbon monoxide leak alerts, HomeCoverPlan does not disappoint. The valve controller offered by HomeCoverPlan is heavy duty and fully automated, and when it is used as part of the system, can cut a home’s gas and water supply if leaks are detected. The same is true for the HomeCoverPlan smart smoke sensor, which allows for detection in real time of particles of smoke or fire which is still in its smouldering stage. The sensor is actually faster working compared to an ionization alarm for smoke, which makes it an ideal addition to any home.

Additionally, the carbon monoxide sensor of HomeCoverPlan is specially built to provide homeowners with an early warning system of high levels of carbon monoxide, and it is based on the highly-advanced Z-wave system or technology, which is a protocol used for wireless communication for appliances in homes and small commercial premises.

Aside from sensors for water, gas, and carbon monoxide leaks, HomeCoverPlan’s smart installations offer remote control for lighting and heating as well as security motion detectors and video cameras for full security protection.


HomeCoverPlan has been able to establish a solid reputation as a leading provider of smart home systems and installations. The company offers automated solutions for home heating and boiler management, security management, fire, flood, and leak detection, and more.

To get more information about its services, visit the HomeCoverPlan.co.uk website.

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