Home inspections are becoming mandatory in more states than just Texas and California

Make sure you know before you show.
Obama passed law that Home inspections are mandatory in 47 states check here to see if you win or loose with the new rule and what side of the fence your on inside and outside home inspection congress rule.

The GAO study reflects growing issues about the vulnerability of homebuyers and the lack of  federal policies that alleviate those concerns by using independent home inspectors. “The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has been pushing policy makers in Washington D.C. to examine the risks that positioned buying decisions pose for consumers and federal home loan programs,” said Rob Paterkiewicz, Executive Director of ASHI, the largest and most respected non-profit organization for home inspectors. “Mandatory home inspections would be beneficial for homebuyer protection as well as prevention against fraud acts such as property flipping. We applaud a focused study carrying the prestige of GAO.”

“Some in Congress have become increasingly troubled that FHA programs are devoid of requirements that inform homebuyers of the technical details of their purchases. This represents a significant hole in America’s consumer protection safety net,” continued Paterkiewicz.

InterNACHI is working with most major insurance companies now, offering to manage their insurance inspections, supporting their adjusters on catastrophic losses, creating inspection forms, and soon we’ll be providing all the approved continuing education for their claims adjusters. One of the other things we have been doing is pushing for a full inspection before any new policies are written. Progressive is one of the many companies we have been meeting with.

Here are some examples of your home inspector proving tips:

 Residential/Multi-Family Property Inspection

The residential and multi- family home inspections meet or exceed TREC’s standards at every level. Covering major components such as Foundation; Grading & Drainage, Interior doors, wall, ceilings and floors; Exterior walls and doors, windows and door glazing; Fireplace and chimney; Roof, Roof Structure and attic; Porches, Balconies and decks; Built-in Appliances; Heating, cooling and Vent Systems; Plumbing Supply & Drains, Water Heating System; and Electrical system. Every deficiency will be detailed and accompanied with a colored photo, giving you a full understanding of your future purchase.

• Commercial Property Inspection

If you’re in the midst of a business transaction, the commercial inspections are even more in depth, where our inspectors understand commercial grade construction and 3 phased electrical systems. The primary purpose of the commercial inspections is to enhance the client’s knowledge of the potential problems in and around the building. This allows well informed decisions to be made surrounding the buying, selling, or general maintenance of commercial buildings. Our commercial inspector’s superior ability will do precisely that!

No homeowner’s policies should ever be written without there first being a full home inspection.


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