Home Cyber Defense Weekly Newsletter Provides Consumers Vital Information About Cyber Safety

The Home Cyber Defense Weekly newsletter is designed to keep families safe from cyber crimes.

Home Cyber Defense, the website that has been specifically created for educating everyday consumers about the potential threat to their personal cyber security, offers invaluable cyber safety management tips through their newsletters. Every issue looks at a new aspect of cyber crime and offers practical solutions to tackle them effectively.

“Our Home Cyber Defense website educates everyday consumers on their personal cyber security,” says the founder of Home Cyber Defense, Michael File. “Our website offers consumers a simple way of finding out how vulnerable they are to cyber crime through our weekly newsletter. The contents are carefully researched and presented in a user-friendly format to help consumers identify cyber threats and take timely and adequate protection.”

Home Cyber Defense Weekly is a highly valuable resource for everyday consumers. In the past, the newsletter has covered topics such as phishing, ransomeware, evil twin networks, social media security settings and protection of personal Wi-Fi networks. According to Michael File, the newsletters will not only spread knowledge about cyber threats but also provide information about eliminating them if consumers are already exposed to them.

The core intent behind launching the weekly newsletter is to educate consumers about the various types of cyber threats that they could be exposed to on a daily basis. The newsletter also provides information about dealing with situations where cyber security has already been compromised. In addition, you will get expert tips and advice on how to eliminate existing threats.

Home Cyber Defense also offers a free checkup for potential cyber threats to anyone who visits the site. Michael File also shares his ideas and expertise about cyber threats and relevant solutions through podcasts where specific threats are analyzed threadbare and solutions offered on how to avoid them. These podcasts are free and available to consumers on the website. They can also access them on iTunes.

Consumers wary of cyber threats, but don’t know how to avoid or manage them, can sign up for the Cyber Defense weekly newsletter, Home Cyber Defense Weekly. The latest issue takes a closer look at hacking and hackers and how it can affect your social media presence. There are tips available on making social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others virtually hack proof; not only by use of strong passwords but also by incorporating technologies that can keep hackers at bay.

The newsletters also have section reviewing new and up-coming technology and provide suggestions on its usefulness in practical terms. Subscribers can decide whether this new technology is right for them, or which is the best new devices to buy.

The details about this paid news weekly subscription are provided on the company website. Sample newsletters are also available for readers. The Home Cyber Defense Weekly will be delivered to the email inbox of subscribers every Friday. It can be read as an email or downloaded on the computer or mobile device in PDF format.

For more information, contact http://homecyberdefense.net

About Home Cyber Defense:

Home Cyber Defense is a website launched by Michael File to educate everyday consumers about their personal cyber security. The website offers a seven-step home cyber security checkup for free to all visitors. Consumers can sign up for the company’s Home Cyber Defense Weekly to know the latest about cyber security and how to prevent and eliminate them.

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