Hiring Specialist Shares His Hiring Tips with Thrive15

Tulsa, OK – Cory Mentor has been a hiring specialist in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area for over 10 years. His staffing company, Trinity Employment, has helped thousands of people find employment while unemployment has been high in a challenging environment. He has teamed up with Thrive15.com to share his knowledge on how to get hired, what employers are looking for, and what employers should look for to find the right people for their company.

Thrive15.com is dedicated to teaching people how to go from where they are to where they want to be in the business world and in life. Their three main paths for learning are for people wanting to start a business, wanting to grow a business, or wanting to advance in their career. Cory’s insights into the hiring world was considered by the company a perfect fit for the Thrive15.com mentoring team, which includes NBA Hall of Fame player David Robinson, former Executive Vice President of the Disney World Resorts Lee Cockerell, and serial entrepreneur Clay Clark to name a few of the 30 plus millionaires, moguls, and  every day success stories mentoring on Thrive15.com.

Cory’s business coaching on hiring and training will join practical teaching like how to create press releases, how to sell a product, or how to find the right location for a business. There are also skill development teachings already on thrive15.com on topics like leadership, having a winning mindset, and managing employees. To learn more visit www.thrive15.com.

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