HiQ releasing a must-have accessory for AirPods

AirPods are wireless earbuds created by Apple, remember when they came out? Only two years have passed since their late release in December, and they have already changed the way we hear music today cutting the wire in the whole world.

HiQ is a well-consolidated company that researches and develops IoT (Internet of Things) products, introducing solutions to connect everything via the Internet since 2016. In the present stage, HiQ is promoting their most recent AirPlus, an AirPods Case with compatible Qi standard, although still in crowdfunding their working prototypes prove though simple, a powerful way to keep music safe and charged.

AirPods comes with impressive features like a pause to playback by removing them from your ears and vice versa, also with just a double tap you can activate Siri so you can play your favorite type of music, receive directions guidance, make and receive calls and access other Siri functions.

To use these wireless devices, they require at minimum an iOS 10.2, MAC OS Sierra or Watch OS Series 3. If you think these gadgets are only for Apple, you couldn’t be more wrong. For Android and Windows users, you should not worry because of the Apple’s magic W1 chip any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0 or higher can be paired.

Many of you might ask, why would I buy an AirPods case? So here’s the thing, Apple’s AirPods cost around 159$ and were one of their most sold products of 2017, selling approximately 13-14 million between November and December. In this era, being technological consumers, we have become more dependant on these gadgets with excellent characteristics, short battery duration is no longer an issue, we know everyone hates not being able to hear music. AirPlus identifies with how important and inspiring music can be in everyone’s lives, so they built an extremely comfortable and durable case to ensure harmony will never stop being part of your wireless, daily schedule.

With the invention of AirPlus, HiQ demonstrate that there are useful solutions to every problem and the most important thing for them will always the user experience. They come in 5 different fashionable colors, a necklace strap you could use around your neck at a fair price.

Lonare: “Just put your AirPod inside it and place it on any Qi-enabled wireless charger. If you go to Amazon, you can easily find multiple wireless charger pads for less than £5. You can imagine how trendy it is.“

There are several ways in which you can approach users who still think that technological advances that can help in daily tasks are fictional. Gladly AirPlus can prove them wrong, without realizing that, more than a possibility it’s already a reality, we believe that all updates serve to achieve a more bearable and agile lifestyle.

Eleven reasons why you should buy AirPlus:

  1. AirPlus is thin and lightweight (25g) product that can be easily installed and removed, their Qi wireless charging standard is future proof.
  2. Price is a lot cheaper than Apple, 15$ vs. 69$.
  3. AirPlus is built upon European (CE) standards producing materials, many drop tests with many combinations and compositions to find the best compound possible to protect your AirPods from falls, scratch, and dust.
  4. The AirPlus is well-designed to prevent AirPods separated from AirPlus when it is turned upside down or strongly shaken.
  5. AirPlus Wireless charging time is as fast as a cable but safer.
  6. This AirPods Case has a delicate strap hole look, and you can turn AirPods into a fashion accessory with 5 popular color options.
  7. AirPower is compatible with all Qi standard, AirPlus is built on Qi specs making them work with AirPower.
  8. An easy pairing button and a LED notification light that indicates the AirPlus is charging.
  9. Besides charging, AirPlus come with a night glowing limited version inspired from the Waitomo Glowworm Caves in New Zealand.
  10. You can quickly remove AirPods out from AirPlus by slightly pushing two angles at the bottom of it.
  11. Upon purchase, you get a 12 months warranty of AirPlus.

Even if you decide to wait and replace your current case for the upcoming wireless charging case, meanwhile AirPods can still get dirty, scratched or broken. Also, if you choose to buy another protection cover, it may interfere with the new wireless charging feature because of the thickness increase. AirPlus is two in one, built to protect while charging and still be compatible with the case you have, be part of the first batch of AirPlus that will be sent on June.20.2018 and keep your AirPods safe and sound.

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