Hilary Smith Releases Debut Fiction, ‘Saving Lucy’, an Inspiring Tale of Twisted Love, Revenge and Redemption

July 17, 2018 – Redemption is closer to us than we think. This hidden truth, and the fact that a second chance can always do the trick, lie behind the new fiction by author Hilary Smith, ‘Saving Lucy’. The book is now out in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.

Just as Ayn Rand said, the rungs of opportunity are with us to climb up and achieve success. ‘Saving Lucy’ is an exploration on this theme, telling the story of a young woman who is beset with the consequence of a terrible act she has committed. Her journey brings her to realize who she is in Christ, and that self-discovery and redemption are just ahead.

Lucy has lost her mother to a car crash, and is now desperately seeking the good, which comes to her in the form of Mackenzie, a girl Lucy meets in an 18 and up club. She soon discovers that Mackenzie is married, and two years later, meets Damien. Lucy is faced again with a bout of disappointment after meeting Damien’s older sister, and succumbs to the lure and power of revenge.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Hilary Smith took to writing stories from the age of ten. Encourage by her second grade teacher to use her imagination and see beyond the obvious, Hilary went on to graduated with a GED from Cincinnati Public School and attended Cincinnati State Technical Community College. Realizing her calling in fiction, Hilary took liberal arts such as history and literature. ‘Saving Lucy’, a tale of twisted love, is her debut work, and Hilary is currently working on her next novel.

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