HIKENEX – Moving towards stronger security, larger community.

Hikenex is a modern day crypto exchange platform embedded with advanced technology to enable the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies on a single exchange. Within three months of its launch, Hikenex received tremendous traffic, support as well as appreciation, and was listed on Coincodex amidst other top exchanges. The success of Hikenex exchange continued to soar as only two months later the exchange found its place on Cryptocompare – a crypto-world in itself, with one of the largest user base in the market. 

Another three months are sure to mark more milestones for the exchange.  As the exchange continues to grow towards its pinnacle, the goal for this quarter emphasizes on strengthening security, improving support and empowering the community. Hikenex is soon to launch its very own Hiken Token. Designed to ensure minimal downtime and transaction fee, Hikenex counters problems of accessibility by rewarding its users with registration and referral bonus in the form of Hiken Tokens.

The Hikenex Advantage

HIGHER SECURITY – With Technology and Vigilance  

INCREASED SPEED – Because delays costs crypto-money

MULTI-COIN TRADING – To ensure customer convenience

Growth with the Hikenex exchange

Your first cryptocurrency bonus

While many cryptocurrency exchanges charge entry fees, the Hikenex exchange gives out bonuses in the form of Hiken Coin – the utility token of Hikenex. One Hiken Token is credited to your wallet as soon as you register on the Hikenex exchange, helping you kick-start crypto-trading immediately. 

Refer and Earn, Trade and Learn

Hikenex gives you a chance to earn cryptocurrency through referrals. If you refer the Hikenex exchange to someone, both you and your referral receive one Hiken token on the registration of your referral. You also hold a 10% share in the trading fees on every transaction of all your referrals on Hikenex.

Cryptocurrency transfers at Zero cost

You can save on transaction fees when you merely need to transfer coins from your wallet to another wallet on the Hikenex exchange. If you personally know the receiver, there is a way to send your cryptocurrency directly to the receiver’s wallet. All you need is his/her unique 64 bit address for a secure transaction. This transfer incurs no cost, making it a Zero-Fee, lightning fast transaction.

About the Hiken Token

Hiken Token is a utility token, functioning on a Multichain Platform. It boasts of zero trading fees for every Hiken to Hiken transaction. Facilitating ease of transactions on the Hikenex exchange, the coin can be used as a utility token for availing services like conducting ICOs, paying trading fees, listing coins, trading bots and procuring easy access to insights, analytics etc. on the Hikenex exchange.

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