Jun 4, 2018 – Hong Kong – The Hikenex Exchange, which was launched earlier this year in February’ 2018 has already found a place amid the top exchanges on the Coincodex Market. Within just three months of its launch, the Hikenex Platform has been listed on one of the most reliable cryptocurrency markets. It emerges as a strong exchange with more such listings on hold.

What is Hikenex?

Modern-day cryptocurrency exchange: Hikenex is a modern day crypto exchange platform embedded with advanced technology to enable the trading of multiple cryptocurrencies on a single exchange. Designed with an extremely user friendly interface, it ensures minimal downtime and stability, facilitating ease of trade even for first-time cryptocurrency traders. The base markets include widely accepted cryptocurrencies and the transaction fees remain minimal.

What is Hiken Coin?

Hikenex’s utility Token: The Hiken coin functions on a stable ERC-20 platform and boasts of zero trading fees for all Hiken to Hiken transactions. It works as an efficient utility token for the Hikenex exchange. Users can use the Hiken Coin to pay for various services that they avail on the Hikenex platform. Hiken Coin can be used to pay for coin listing, trading fees, conducting ICOs, insights, trading bots, analytics, reports, and also for easy access to every other Hikenex service.

What’s new?

Hikenex’s referral program: The Hikenex exchange ensures that owning and trading of cryptocurrencies is brought to mainstream, as it envisions easy cryptocurrency accessibility for the masses. Hikenex’s policy credits every user’s wallet with one Hiken Coin as soon as he/she registers. With the Hikenex referral program, the users can also earn a Hiken Coin on registration of each new member who joins Hikenex on their referral. Every user holds a ten percent share on the trading fees for every transaction, of each of their referrals. These provisions empower users to trade as soon as they register, without spending any money to buy the cryptocurrencies.

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Why Hikenex?

Sure-shot success plan: Hikenex ensures a widespread community, by limiting the supply of its utility coin – Hiken Token and thus increasing its value. When an investor uses the Hikenex platform and pays using the Hiken Token to avail any service, the tokens received by the exchange are burned and removed from the market, with the motive of reducing the Hiken Token supply. The reduction in this supply drives the demand for the Hiken Token, thereby increasing its value, in its turn, providing handsome returns to the Hikenex users who own Hiken Tokens. Higher the volume of transactions on Hikenex platform, higher is the potential market value of Hiken Tokens.

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