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CallTeks Security specializes in customized security and automation systems. Stream live videos, control your GPS integrated hardware, lock doors, open the garage, and secure your home all from your mobile device in one convenient app!
Home security isn’t just going high-tech. It’s going Mission Impossible.

Industry advancements marry the physical and virtual world seamlessly, making a smartphone or tablet the ultimate home security control center.  It means homeowners have the power to lock doors remotely, monitor security cameras, arm or disarm home alarms in Phoenix, and even have their thermostat automatically adjust based on GPS technology linked to their phone.

“It’s an amazing time to be in the home security industry,” says Nicole Swartwout, Parter/Owner with CallTeks Security, a company providing high tech systems at the residential and commercial level. “What really surprises our customers is the price point.  A lot of people think they can’t afford this level of security. The fact of the matter is they can. As technology advances, prices actually decrease. Ten years ago many people could not afford cameras in their homes or small businesses. Now our price points on good technology are affordable. Also, CallTeks Security is one of the only valley companies that offer a Flex Pay program.”

CallTeks is seeing an explosion in demand for systems that bring complete control to users’ fingertips, no matter how far from home they happen to be.  Remote access is run through a special frequency band that allows access even when there’s no landline or internet connection.  

Homeowners know instantly if there’s any kind of security breach and will receive specific notifications if someone tries to manipulate or destroy the control panel.  The company also offers 24-hour completely redundant central station monitoring to alert emergency responders when needed.

“At CallTeks, we even offer severe weather alerts and non-emergency notifications,” Swartwout said. “We are in the peace of mind business and new advancements in the industry make it easier than ever to deliver that peace of mind to our customers.”

The at-home controls are equally high-tech. The wall unit features a full-color touch-screen that works as a control hub at home. 

Another benefit of CallTeks’ innovative systems is that the pricing is in-line with current industry standards.  Odds are someone using CallTeks’ high-tech features are paying the same amount monthly as someone with a system that lacks interactive functionality.

Interactive home security packages start at $39 a month, and includes features such as automatic door locks, 24 hour monitoring and other features.  For $59 a month, CallTeks will throw in video surveillance along with the full range of automated and remote access capabilities.  

CallTeks Security’s local Phoenix based office is a great place to come visit if you are considering a security solution. Our staff will be here, happy to answer any questions you may have and demo of many of our products and cameras!

Call us at (602) 680-7269 to schedule your home security evaluation, or visit us at http://www.callteks.com/

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