High-Quality Bicycle Clothing at Factory Price

Bicycle Clothing allows the rider to have a comfortable ride. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the ride, commuting to and from work, or hitting the trail. Not only will the riding wear make you perform better, they will also allow you to ride longer.

Cycling Jerseys for Men and Women

Cycling jerseys for men and women are made from of various fabrics and styles. For warm weathers, short sleeve cycling jerseys are used. And when it gets colder, cyclists opt for long sleeve cycling jerseys. Tour de France team jerseys are popular among cyclists across the globe. They feature colorful graphic design that features all the sponsors of the team. And if you are thinking of riding after dark, you should consider buying a jersey that has a bright color.

Cycling Jackets

While most cyclists want to wear the minimum amount of clothing to keep their movements streamlined, there are weather conditions that require them to use a cycling jacket. More often than not, cycling jackets are waterproof, windproof or a combination of both. They might have removable sleeves, zippered vents, and hoods. When looking for cycling jackets, you should consider the features that will help you during the ride. It should be able to maintain your body temperature.

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts come in various styles. Cycling team apparel often have shorts design that different from another team. But one thing that is for certain is that they all come with padding. The shorts come with padded chamois liner to protect the rider, and at the same time make the ride more comfortable. Some shorts have a typical shorts style with a waistband to secure it in place. But there are some riders who prefer the bib type that is held up by shoulder braces.

Leg and Arm Warmers

Another type of Biking Clothing On Sale is the leg or arm warmers. They are made of thermal stretch material that will not hinder the movement of the cyclist. There are leg warmers that have zippered bottom hem to make slipping the warmers on easier.

Cycling Gloves

Gloves protect the cyclist from the friction between the hands and the handlebars. At the same time, the gloves also protect the hands from the elements. Half finger gloves are used in warm weather, and when the temperature becomes cooler, and then they should opt for full finger gloves. When buying gloves, it is important to look for a snug fit that is flexible enough to allow you to clench when necessary.

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