High Security Wire Fence by Wire Mesh Fence

Wire Mesh Fence is the leading manufacturer of high security wire fence in China. The finished product will then be shipped to other major markets in North America, Australia, Russia as well as some major cities in the European countries.

Wire Mesh Fence is the producer of high quality 358 mesh fence closed security as one of their top signature item. It gives the most extreme security by being almost impossible to climb or to enter by utilizing typical hand devices due to its anti-climb and anti-cut feature. They have developed 358 security fence that discourages unwanted entry by using the cutting edge technique and advance innovation. Penetrating this Clearvu fence is exceptionally difficult; it will take a considerable amount of time and efforts before they can penetrate the area protected by the HIGH SECURITY WIRE FENCE. That time will be more than enough for the security and authority to find the possible intruder.

The Technology Behind the High Security Wire Fence

• This 358 mesh fence has an anti-cut and anti-climb component which makes it almost impossible for the intruder to gain access to the protected area. Other security system will only alert you once the intruder has already gained access to the area.

• You have the option to include a vibration system on the 358 security fence. This system will alert you in case there is a possible cutting or climbing on the fence. This system will be installed around the perimeter of the fence.

• Wire Mesh Fence is highly dedicated to preventing an unwanted intrusion in your area. However, they have also considered different approaches on how to let qualified personnel gain an access.

• The materials that we use are heavy duty. As it was mentioned above, it cannot be cut alone using handheld tools due to its anti-cut feature. The intruders have to use specialized equipment if they really want to gain an access.

• Clearvu Fence is available in different types and styles which make sure that your WIRE MESH FENCE does not just enhance the safety and security but it is also visually appealing.

• When you deal with Wire Mesh, it is not just the basic shopping of high security wire fence. You will have the opportunity to have a conversation with certified engineers who have a specialization in engineering and architectural design.

• The attention to detail and engineering done in the 358 mesh fence is laudable. Wire Mesh Fence is deeply driven to enhance the different aspects and components of their Clearvu Fence. They have placed a considerable amount of attention to the practicality of their product.

For more information, visit: www.wiremeshfence.com

Wire Mesh Fence is prepared to manufacture and produce a 358 security fence that can handle the most extreme nature and condition. This is highly essential in providing their clients with the updated and highly secured 358 mesh fence based on their requirements.

So in case you are curious about the high security wire fence of Wire Mesh, just dial 86-15075887656 and look for Mr. Bob.

You can also send them a message via email at topfence@outlook.com

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