High Quality Wooden Watches from Bewell Watch Lead the Retro Style

Nov 21, 2014 – China – With the popularity of the smart equipments, more and more high tech wearable devices have been sweeping the world like the strong wind. During the recent time, a variety of wearable devices have been launched one after another which become more and more stylish and intelligence. However, there is also wonderful presence that follows the countercurrent. Today, the famous men wooden watch supplier bewellwatch.com with recommend with their natural wood watch which could let people feel the natural flavor of the world.

The high quality natural wood watch from bewellwatch.com is one kind of a purely natural environmentally friendly product. The weight of this kind of wooden watch is usually 0.55 pounds or more. In general, the appearance of these watch are all looked very elegant and generous without losing the taste and completely designation. The core part of these wooden watches is usually the Swiss products movement or high quality Japan quartz core, which can provide accurate time and could not appear the situation of time deviation as long period time of using. Therefore, people could totally eliminate the concern about the time error of these wood-made watches.

The pure natural wood watches from the famous online seller bewellwatch.com all adopt the precision CNC machining hard shell case which has very high sealing performance and very good texture. The high quality natural wood material gives people simple and elegant visual feeling but without losing the meaning.Furthermore, in order to coordinate the overall appearance of the bewell, the Bewell Watch also use the pure natural wood veneer as the unique strap which let the wholly appearance of the wooden wrist watch become very coordinated. Wearing one piece of this wooden watch could be regarded as the new fashionable trend.

Currently, all of these wooden watches from Bewell Watch are all in hot selling situation. Friend who read this article and wants to experience this new watch products with low price could directly visit website www.bewellwatch.com where all kinds of beautiful and bargain wooden watches are waiting for people’s purchasing.


Bewell is the most professional manufacturer and supplier for the exquisite wrist watches. The main products, many of them original and unique, include wooden watches, stainless steel wood watches, ceramic watches, alloy watches, and other materials, including plastic, and all are made to high and exacting

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