High Quality Copper Wire Products for Industrial Using

Jan 26, 2015 – China – NIU ELECTRIC GROUPengineering.com introduces new range of excellent quality copper products including Cable Crimp Lugs, Braided Copper Connectors, Tinned Wire, Copper Flexible Connectors, etc. in the market.

Tinned copper wire at excellent prices are in great demand for usage in the overhead power source in subways, electrically powered mine trains, light and heavy transit systems, buses as well as industrial cranes. These are unparalleled in serving their purpose effectively because of their anti-corrosion properties as well as high conductivity. Tinned wire is also used widely in marine projects and is known to be highly durable.

Braided copper connectors are also increasingly used to enhance the electrical grounding and transmission system performance by connecting two high-voltage systems without the loss of vibration or energy. They are indispensible in the electrical domain.

Flexible Bimetallic Connector again have their own specific significance in transport and other industries. They are flexible and enable transmission of current among two different surfaces which are subjected to motion.

NIU ELECTRIC GROUP has been supplying in accordance to the customer specifications and ISS/BSS standards since 1977 and is always bringing high quality products to the customers. The manufacturer provides excellent copper products to its customers round the globe and has established a niche in its domain.

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