High Life Planner Brings Together Tools of Success, Starts Fundraising Campaign

All of us carry dreams in our hearts, but few get to live them out. A new project called High Life Planner will now personally assist those desirous of seeking professional help to achieve their dreams. The Kickstarter campaign for the High Life Planner has gone live October 1.

It is a common occurrence. While many cannot achieve their goals, even those who do fail to see much satisfaction in the results. The reason is mainly lack of clarity, a focus on less trivial things, rather than the big picture.

High Life Planner is born out of a personal experience of taking the long road to happiness. That journey was full of surprises and learning, and helped create the High Life Planner project intended for everyone to achieve success.

“The High Life Planner will accompany you, to make your desires turn into reality. It’s your personal space where you can organize structured and efficient thoughts,” says Minh Duong.

The planner works in a simple way. The Life Circle will reveal to each user where they stand in every aspect of their life, and where they wish to go. With this clarity, the user can create weekly action plans that take them near their goals. There will also be online seminars for assistance, and each week will have reviews of values, achievements, goals and conversion of new knowledge into creating the life desired by the user.

“I have made this planner for the passionate, the achiever, the entrepreneur, and for mothers, fathers, students, and everyone else. This planner is for YOU,” says Minh Duong.

No matter where the user stands in their life stage, the High Life Planner carries all the tools necessary to reach the goals, rise higher and reach excellence. The project is now open for crowd funding on its Kickstarter page with attractive perks.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1399876167/high-life-planner-aim-higher/

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