Hide or Fight? ‘Terrorism Survival: Survive for Five’ Reveals What to Do if Caught in a Mass Shooting

November 11, 2017 – While significant debates continue on gun control in the US, preparing and knowing what to do to protect oneself during a mass shooting has taken on an equal importance. Drawing attention to this area and filling up the gap is the new work ‘Terrorism Survival: Survive for Five’ written by author Brian Boatwright.

In 2015 alone, the US reported 372 mass shooting that left around 475 dead and 1870 injured. Of these, 64 incidents happened in schools. The record has increased with time and every new incident.

‘Terrorism Survival: Survive for Five’ is about what to do if one is caught in the middle of a public attack and the shooting comes without any hints, signs or premonition. Mass shootings such as the Sandy Hooks elementary school shooting in 2012, the 2016 Orlando nightclub shootout, and the recent Las Vegas mass shooting have shaken the conscience of the nation as never before. In this important work, Brian takes the reader through all the critical steps to stay safe while going out.

What happens during a mass shooting? What’s the best option, hiding or fighting? What are the after-effects of a mass shooting? Brian answers all of these questions that are today at the back of the mind of nearly everyone. He also acquaints the reader with several issues related to mass shootings, such as the media and the new normal.

“Since most of these incidents cannot be linked to a specific reason for the attack, and the shooter or attacker gives no warnings or hints before striking, there is every need for one to be prepared for the worst as he steps out of the safety of his home each day,” says Brian, who has served in the United States Marine Corps.

‘Terrorism Survival: Survive for Five’ is a quick read, 34-page self-help guide for anyone to survive and thrive before, during, and after a mass shooting. The author has stayed away from the messy fights and arguments over gun control, or who is to be blamed.

“This work was created to highlight the importance of every life and the need to be always prepared. It seeks to spark a conversation about not highlighting the people solely responsible for these evil deeds, the shooter anymore,” says Brian.

‘Terrorism Survival: Survive for Five’ is about taking the attention away from the shooters, and instead talking about what to do to stay safe and save as many lives as possible. The book is now available for purchase on Amazon in print, as well as a Kindle edition.

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