Herpes Cure News: Recent Discovery Shows Promise for Oral and Genital Herpes Cure, More Than 30K People Were Successfully Treated For Herpes

Herpes Cure Breakthrough: Doctors developed an all-natural holistic cure that entirely removes the symptoms and the roots cause of the herpes virus within three weeks,
Who Came Up With This Herpes Cure?

Dr Christine Buehler is a clinical researcher in one of the top rated medical school in the United States. She got diagnosed with HSV-1 and HSV-2 in 2009, and soon enough she realized that none of the medications that doctors usually prescribe to their patients could actually cure herpes. All of the treatments and drugs that she tried caused terrible side-effects, and herpes outbreaks almost ruined her personal life. Dr Buehler decided that she couldn’t live with herpes for the rest of her life and let the virus destroy her health. She approached Dr Ken Languin, a fellow researcher who specializes in the study of sexually transmitted diseases, and offered him to conduct a medical study together. Over the next year Dr Buehler and Dr Languin successfully completed 479 clinical trials and eliminated HSV-1 and HSV-2 in every single case. Using her own method Dr Buehler treated herself and eliminated the virus from her body within three short weeks. Over the next few years more than 30 thousand people who followed Dr Buehler’s program rid themselves from the herpes virus.
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How Is This Treatment Different?

Dr Buehler’s herpes cure program consists of two simultaneous steps:

1. Separating ICP47 proteins from the nerve cells of the spinal cord of the pelvis to help the immune system find and fight the herpes virus.
2. Turning the immune system into a “war machine”, that can eliminate the root cause of the herpes virus, by providing the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. 
Dr Buehler stated, that this is a fully natural holistic program, which doesn’t require any expensive herpes treatments or medications. It is suited for both men and women and has no age restrictions. Recently Dr Buehler published an e-book where she shared her revolutionary herpes cure program that eliminates the virus withing three weeks and can be used from home. The e-book is also covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee.
What Does The Program Do?

– When using Dr Buehler’s herpes cure program it usually takes 21 day to completely remove the herpes virus from the body (some patients reported that it took them 17 days for get rid of herpes, however, those patients who had weakened immune system, had to follow the program for up to six weeks to eliminate the virus from their bodies)

– Stops outbreaks, itching and physical discomfort
– Boosts immune system and restores overall health
– Increases energy levels and improves mental health

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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