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Countless herpes cure studies have been conducted over the past years, and although there is still no “magic pill” for genital and oral herpes, there are, however, natural treatments that really show promise for herpes cure.

According to newest herpes research data over 110 millions people in the USA have been diagnosed with herpes simplex virus-1, herpes simplex virus-2, or both of those. Every year another 250 thousands people get contaminated with herpes. Once the herpes virus makes its way into a body it goes into nerves, where it may remain for a long period of time without any symptoms or activity, and in some cases herpes virus never awakens. Numerous studies have revealed that herpes outbreaks and other symptoms may be induced by stress related factors such as: poor health condition, low immune system, tension, sunburns, surgical procedures, trauma.

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One of the largest concerns is that because of the fact that herpes virus occasionally remains in a person’s body, and often without their knowledge, it can be easily passed away to another person. Herpes simplex virus-1 can be passed by having sexual contact with a person who has active cold sores. Contaminated personal objects such as: utensils, glasses, razors, telephones or even towels may be a reason. Herpes simplex virus-2 can be passed by having unprotected sex with a person who has or does not have active cold sores or blisters. Using rubber decreases that possibility but not significantly, because herpes simplex virus can be released from the skin and contaminate the partner.

Recent herpes study in Cape Town, Africa showed, that the constant use of vaginal gel containing tenofovir reduces the risk of getting infected with herpes simplex virus-2 by 51%.

Herpes simplex virus is a serious disorder and if left neglected may cause serious damage. Symptoms of herpes simplex virus-1 include sores and blisters in oral area. In some cases it may contaminate central nerve system which leads to fatality in 70% of cases. Herpes simplex virus-2 can cause agonizing genital sores, lower immune system and lead to different illnesses and complications such as for example: fever, swollen glands and severe headaches. Most recent study conducted by Dr Christine Buehler revealed that herpes simplex virus rises a person’s chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease in the potential future by 50%. As long as herpes simplex virus is diagnosed early then the antiviral therapy could lead to confident treatment outcome. Professor Gil Lee and his colleagues at University College Dublin have made an excellent breakthrough when they determined a new and more efficient way to diagnose herpes virus on early stages. Even though there is still a lot of work that needs to be done to be able to complete the research, Professor Lee and his team are sure that this study can be utilized to enhance herpes treatment in the future.

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The Center for Disease Control pointed out that approx .45 million people (around 20%) have already been exposed to genital herpes virus. The starting eruption of genital herpes often occurs two weeks after the exposure. A herpes simplex virus-2 blood test can suggest a genital herpes infection.

Prescribed drugs and conventional herpes treatments often only treat the noticeable symptoms and, therefore, push the herpes virus deeper in the body which from time to time prevents future eruptions. The problem is that it isn’t going to remove the herpes virus from the human body, and the virus remains in the nerve cells located along the spinal cord. Ultimately, vulnerable immune system activates outbreaks anyhow, and it also increases the risk of developing illnesses like dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in the future. The antiviral drug Acyclovir, that is prescribed by doctors to many herpes patients, is very effective in treating the virus, but after some time the victim usually develops resistance to it. Acyclovir is definitely not a cure for herpes, it just helps prevent the virus duplication during the time of the treatment.

After experimenting on herself, Dr Christine Buehler has exposed the most effective treatments to cure herpes for the readers so as to save others from struggling with the virus. She has made people aware of the significance of natural products in our lives as they can heal ones symptoms. Furthermore natural products have no side effects on human body as they contain the nutrients demanded by the body itself. Researches and experiments have approved the natural treatments prepared by Dr Christine Buehler as the only way to eliminate herpes from one’s life.

The symptoms with herpes can get worse all of a sudden and extreme care should be taken to prevent such situation. Even the non victims are recommended to get help from Erase Herpes Protocol as they could suffer from herpes in future. The good thing about this treatment book is that it can cause no harm to anyone and almost everyone can follow the treatments. The price of Dr Christine Buehler’s remedial book is not unaffordable and people have already taken help from it.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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