Heirloom Seed Kits Essential for Long-Term Survival Planning, Says HAGA

Complete seed kit with 105 varieties of heirloom fruit, vegetable and herbs
Home and Garden America stresses the vital role of heirloom seeds kits in the long-term survival of prepper families living off the grid.

Carson City, NV – October 9, 2017 – Prepping for a 3-day, 3-week or 3-month disaster situation is ideal, but in order to be completely secured, long-term survival planning is best. Families that plan years ahead will certainly have a higher rate of survival against the natural and man-made disasters to come.

Prepping for the long term must always cover the basics. Shelter, water, food and survival skills are a given, but there’s one essential aspect that’s often overlooked by survivalists. According to Home and Garden America, that particular aspect is a seed kit. To this day, some preppers still forget to include survival seed kits in their bug-out bags even though they are a very valuable part of survival preparedness.

“When it comes to long-term survival planning, seeds are equally as important as the other basics. You may think your current food supply will last for years but unforeseen circumstances could easily consume your stock. This is when survival seeds really come in handy because you can continually grow food to feed the entire family long after your canned foods have gone,” a HAGA representative remarked.

In an extreme survival situation, prepper families may have no choice but to live off the grid. As time goes by, finding a regular source of food will become difficult. Fishing and hunting will be helpful skills, but they won’t always provide the nutrients that the human body needs. By growing different varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs using a seed kit, preppers can eat fresh and nutritious produce alongside hunted proteins for a more balanced diet.

To get the most nutrition from the homegrown produce, HAGA suggests planting heirloom seeds because they are healthier and tougher than other seed types.

“Heirloom seeds are extremely resilient. Since they’ve been handed down from generation to generation for centuries, they have the upper hand when it comes to longevity and viability compared to other kinds of seeds. Many of the heirloom varieties around today date back to 100 years, and yet they still continue to produce bountiful harvests. This just goes to show how sturdy and reliable they are for survival prepping. You can definitely count on them years or even decades down the road,” the representative said.

In terms of nutrition, heirlooms are the most natural seeds out there. The HAGA representative adds, “They are the very seeds that our forefathers grew way back when all of our foods were still organic. Heirloom seeds were grown and preserved as naturally as possible, without chemicals or genetic modification, making them the healthiest option for vegetable gardening.”

Without an heirloom seed kit, having the basics of shelter, water, food and survival skills would never be enough to live off the grid. Heirloom seed kits are indeed essential to long-term survival, that’s why preppers are highly advised to include them in their bug-out bags from now on.

Further information about heirloom seed kits are available at the Home and Garden America page.

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