Heavy Metal Rocking Artist Delivers Great Beats

As a fixture on the Orlando indie music scene, it’s true that this heavy metal rocking artist delivers great beats. Curse & Kisses has put together a formidable four-track EP that you can download on his website. However, this collection of tracks is really so much more than just an assortment of heavy metal songs.

While it’s true that the heavy metal influence is clear in songs like “Blue Eyes”, it’s also true that Curse & Kisses brings far more to the table than just heavy metal. That’s not meant to disparage the brilliance of the heavy metal influences that inform the intense creativity of these tracks. It’s simply important to realize that when it comes to versatility in music styles and song writing, Curse & Kisses brings a lot of fantastic things to the table.

This is a artists that has already picked up a massive following in the Orlando area. The heavy metal guitars strike your body with the intense desire to get some thrashing going on. The lyrics speak to you from the very sincere place in which they were written. The funk and punk rock influences of a track like “Stone Cold Freak” are going to drive you into a dancing frenzy.

The heavy metal rock featured in some of the music of Curse & Kisses definitely delivers great beats. This is the kind of music that you can’t help but move your body to.

There is a strong heavy metal influence to be found in these songs, but that’s not the only genre the artist touches upon in what is already a considerable body of work. Follow the artist on Facebook or Twitter, or download the mobile app, and you’ll be able to keep up with all the fantastic places this artist is going to take the heavy metal genre.

But it won’t simply be heavy metal all on its own. The artist has also done considerable work in mixing together and reinventing such genres as punk rock, hard rock, funk, and much more. The influences are clear in their work, but this is not a artist that’s living solely in the past. Curse & Kisses is also clearly looking towards the future of these genres. The work expressed in a track like “Curses N Kisses” alone portrays a artist that brings everything to the table. This is phenomenal music and songwriting in every possible regard. It’s only going to get better.

For more information about Curse & Kisses, visit www.cursenkisses.com

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