Healthy Weight Loss Recipes and Eating Rules


Breakfast: a bowl of milk, whole wheat bread, two eggs.

Lunch: bean curd spinach, egg, tofu, bean sprouts cooking vinegar, rice bowl.

Dinner: Fried West Trigonella, shrimp burning melon, dried bean mixed with cucumber, a small bowl of red bean porridge.



Breakfast: a bowl of red bean porridge, tasty piece of cake (cucumber, carrot, celery and cook together spiced peanuts), Longan, or jujube.

Lunch: fried eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms mixed with celery, fried lettuce, rice bowl.

Dinner: pig blood tofu spinach soup, fried potato silk, cabbage salad.



Breakfast: fermented bean curd, steamed custard, half bread.

Lunch: broccoli salad, steamed fish, bamboo shoots small green pepper, rice bowl.

Dinner: salad lettuce, bean curd, sour lotus root, small rice bowl.



Breakfast: pumpkin wolfberry porridge, fried eggs, assorted pickles.

Lunch: braised beef, spinach salad, Fried broccoli, half a steamed bun.

Dinner: melon ribs soup, potatoes, carrots, green pepper silk, eggplant salad mud.



Breakfast: a steamed corn, an egg, a cup of milk.

Lunch: tomato beef noodles (face eating half), seaweed salad carrots.

Dinner: pea soup, Fried loofah, a baked potato.


Eating Rules:

1 ) You should arrange the 3 meals reasonable. Eat high-fiber breakfast cereals, low-fat milk, which can not only help to eliminate excessive intake of fat, and can Cellulite, at the same time it will not hinder the intake of nutrition and health, but also the natural food thin waist, You can short thin waist, as meat, seafood is left to lunch, Dinner can eat light, to account for most of the vegetables. Do not stand the temptation of food because not control their appetite. Also, you can take some diet pills like meizitang to help you curb your appetite.

2 ) Stand for half an hour after a meal. In fact, the biggest reason for the woman’s waist fat is negligence, Due to busy work and study, there is no reasonable allocation of time to live, organize their daily diet. To stand for at least half an hour after a meal, can be removed from the fat deposition in the lower abdomen troubles, but also eliminates the need to make up afterwards.

If you feel too tired to do exercises, you can try some diet pills Meizitang Botanical Soft Gel like to help you, which can give you energy and you will feel energetic every day.

3 ) Do not take in any food 4 hours before bedtime. Weight loss is a taboo to eat before going to bed. Sleep is when the body does not need exercise, eating all the things will be absorbed by the body into fat accumulation together. If the hungry cannot stand, can only eat a small amount of boiled vegetables or fruit.

4 ) To keep early hours, not too late at night, because of the relatively small dinner to eat.

And in the evening for a long time, if sleep late, it will lead to stomach hunger and eat, this time, you can take some pills to help you, such as botanical slimming is OK, you can get this pills at This will help you reduce your hunger. Follow these recipes and eating rules will help you achieve your slimming goals.

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