HCG should never be taken without a certified doctor’s prescription, warn the Doctors

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a unique hormone that is found in female body during pregnancy and in the recent few months it has taken a rage over the internet with number of products emerging online claiming to be the best products for weight loss, doing more harm than good.

The HCG hormone is basically responsible for development of the human egg in the ovary of the female and releasing the egg during the period of ovulation and medically it is used for treatments of infertility of women, increase the sperm count in men and to cause ovulation.

The US based multinational company named Big Source Laboratory is the first company to bring HCG in limelight in the form of medicines that help treat obesity by curbing the food cravings and burning the accumulated fat in the body. The weight loss program includes consuming a low calorie diet with regulated dosage of HCG and this program is strictly advised to be used under a certified medical practitioner.

In fact, the US government has banned all the HCG drugs and with the consumers getting tempted to buy it online for weight loss the Doctors have shown concern and told people to use HCG only after getting it prescribed by a certified Doctor.

Since obesity has taken over the world like an epidemic, the marketers and a number of fake companies are taking advantage of the situation by offering random products with alluring claims and promises due to which it becomes important for people to be aware about the right and wrong kind of products.

One of the main reasons why people are getting attracted to HCG is that unlike other weight loss medicines or chemicals, it is a naturally found substance in the human body  and works by triggering the hormone ‘leptin’ which helps in curbing the food desire but surely it’s very important t find the original HCG product available in the market.

Websites like ‘best HCG drops’ provide detailed information on choosing the right HCG product and the guidelines that are important to follow before purchasing any HCG product.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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